Leave The Web And Software Organizing To TabsFolders
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Leave The Web And Software Organizing To TabsFolders

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If you’re someone who spends any time on a computer whether for work or school-related activities, then you already know how helpful of a tool certain software programs or the internet can be.

While having access to seemingly countless web pages and folders to store your projects and ideas has been a game-changer, too much of anything can become overwhelming; the same can be said of the aforementioned folders and webpages.

With TabsFolders, you can save the organizing for someone – or something – else. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to this organizational software is available for just $29. That’s a savings of 87% from its MSRP ($240).

TabsFolders gives users the capability to save, manage, synchronize and share bookmarks at high speed. It’s the perfect tool for those assignments or browsing sessions where you end up with countless tabs open without a streamlined way of saving and cataloging them.

For example, if you’re a student or a professional who needs to research information for an upcoming project and have stored all your information/bookmarks in folders or sub-folders, all you have to do is double-click on it and all the tabs will quickly open in a new window. Removing and adding tabs is as simple as just clicking the “save” button.

Additionally, you’re able to share your folders and their information with co-workers, fellow students, etc., across browsers with another simple click of a button.

“Great way of storing and organizing current and/or recently used tabs in order to keep track of what you have been working on without having a million tabs open at once. I really like the fact that this extension allows tabs to be organized into folders once stored,” writes Auden Turner, writer and web developer.

All that’s needed to run TabsFolders is a Chrome-based browser.

The flow of information has made our jobs, school work, and life in general much easier. Cataloging all that information can be a challenge, but this program works well to condense it and make all of it easily accessible. Purchase it today.

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