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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Your work ethic is among the best of anyone’s at the company. Your dedication to the mission of the company’s vision is almost unparalleled. You’ve established yourself as a true team player who isn’t afraid to put the good of the group before personal interests. You’re a valuable worker and your superiors acknowledge that regularly. But does that mean you have what it takes to lead others?

Leadership is what makes great companies stand head and shoulders above their competitors. And, of course, it’s what you need to be a truly effective manager or supervisor. Consider these questions, devised by Communication Briefings, an Arlington, Virginia-based workplace issues newsletter, to assess your leadership potential. Remember, your answers to this mini-quiz aren’t the end-all or be-all in determining if you have what it takes to be a leader. They are only intended to help you make an initial assessment.

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A likely leader?
Answer the following questions “yes” or “no”:
1. I hesitate to share ideas with my colleagues because I want to be able to take credit for my work.
2. I’m always pressed for time, but I take on one task after another-even if I don’t finish them all.
3. I have to let my co-workers know when I disagree with them right away, even if it’s in a meeting.
4. I often follow my teammates’ advice, even if it contradicts what I feel to be right.
5. I’m an optimist; I believe that things will always work out for the best. But I’m willing to accept any negative consequences of my decisions and actions.

By question, here’s what it means if you answer “yes”:
1. You’d probably have trust issues with those you lead.
2. You may be too impulsive to lead as well as you could.
3. Your seeming defensiveness could hamper your effectiveness as a leader.
4. You appear to be a weak leader because you defer too easily to others.
5. You’re self-confident and courageous-two traits every great leader needs.

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