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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Taking apart o computer isn’t rocket science. In fact, in his latest book, author Galen Grimes confirms that you can Teach Yourself PC Upgrades in 10 Minutes. Sure, the premise may seem like hype, but it really is accurate. Armed with a few small tools, you’ll soon be swapping hard drives and installing video cards with the best of them. However, such an undertaking isn’t for those short on time. Although you can teach yourself in 10 minutes, it will take considerably more time to actually perform the upgrades.

Grimes takes you step-by-step through the upgrade process, helps you determine when you should just purchase a new PC rather than upgrade and describes which components to replace in your aging computer. The book is easy to understand and does not assume that you are already a computer expert. You’ll find explanations for confusing computer jargon as well as hands-on directions for removing and installing many of your computer’s innards.

The photographs used in the book are helpful in identifying the components you are looking for, so make sure it’s handy when you’re performing PC surgery. Helpful tips, like keep yourself grounded at all times and label the wires when you remove them, are welcome. The book even guides you through installing peripherals, such as monitors, printers, scanners and digital cameras. Once you’ve worked up the nerve to put your PC on the operating table, don’t forget to scrub up.

Teach Yourself PC Upgrades in 10 Minutes, SAMS Publishing; $12.99; 800-858-7674.

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