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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

These days you can earn frequent flier miles with just about any purchase, from phone calls to investments. Now, you can even earn air miles by buying or selling a home or taking out a home loan. Here’s a sampling.

In 1996, American Airlines introduced the first home-loan-linked program for AAdvantage members (800-852-9744). With it, travelers can earn 1,000 miles for every $10,000 borrowed from national lenders and real estate companies. One AAdvantage mile is also earned for every dollar of mortgage interest owed.

United’s Mileage Plus (800-717-5330) members earn “Residential Rewards” when buying, selling or remodeling a home through North American Mortgage Co., Countrywide Home Loans and PMP Relocation Services. Members receive 12,000 miles for a $75,000$99,000 transaction, and up to 120,000 miles for a $500,000 deal.

With TWA’s Aviators frequent flier program (800-654-5409), register with Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate before buying or selling and earn 10,000-40,000 miles, depending on home sale purchase price.

Delta’s SkyMiles HouseMiles program members (800-7590306) earn 1,000 miles for every $10,000 borrowed from North American Mortgage Co., and 2,500 miles by taking out a home equity line of credit.

Continental OnePass (800-732-7391) members earn miles for using Prudential Referral Services, a nationwide real estate referral agency. The minimum purchase price of $50,000-$99,999 earns 12,500 miles. Home sales and purchases of $500,000 or greater can earn 125,000 miles.

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