Perception is nine-tenths of reality - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

According to the survey, which polled over 3,000 adults across the U.S., whites and blacks have distinctly different views about race relations and the role of government should play. Three quarters of whites say that blacks are treated the same as whites, while only half of blacks hold this view. And blacks are more than twice as likely as whites (53% vs. 22%) to say that affirmative action initiatives should be increased.

Both groups seem to have a rosier view of the other race’s life. Fifty-eight percent of whites (vs. 33% of blacks) believe that the quality of life for blacks has improved over the last decade, while 41% of blacks (vs. 21% of whites) fell whites’ quality of life has gotten better.

Most blacks and whites say they have friends of the other race and approve of interracial marriages. While few people of either race admit to being prejudiced, a majority of both blacks and whites feel that race relations will always be a problem.

GRAPH: Do Blacks Have the Same Chance as Whites to Get Jobs, Housing in Own Community…Black Children to Get a Good Education?

GRAPH: Support for Increasing Affirmative Action Programs In general, do you think we need to increase, keep the same, decrease affirmative action programs in this country?

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