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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Your supervisor constantly misses deadlines, loses paperwork, shows up late for meetings and can’t seem to manage his day-to-day responsibilities. Do you expose your incompetent boss to your colleagues? Not if you want to advance your own career, say experts. “Whether you like it or not, this person still has influence over your future,” says Laura Berman Fortgang, executive coach and owner of InterCoach Development & Training in Verona, New Jersey. “The key to dealing with an inadequate boss is to try to help him succeed.” To work around your boss, Fortgang offers the following suggestions: . Become your boss’ ally.

Keep your boss informed and remind him or her about important meetings. They’ll appreciate your support and you may help them become better organized. . Create your own initiatives.
Give yourself direction by writing down what you think your boss expects of your performance, then have him or her sign off on the document. . Build a strong internal network.

With your boss’ support, develop relationships with fellow employees. Adopt a mentor, have lunch with employees from other departments and encourage your boss to help you make professional contacts. . Share your concerns with others.

If other employees are affected by your boss’ ineptitude, encourage them to help you discover constructive ways to improve the situation. Don’t gossip and make sure all discussions are unemotional and nonjudgmental. . Find another job.

Have you outgrown your current position? Does your company have few internal job openings? Then consider a new landscape. Your boss’ work habits may be a sign for you to move on to new, exciting opportunities either inside or outside your company.

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