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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Every entrepreneur knows that one of the toughest tasks when starting a business is finding resources. Terri Lonier put together Working Solo Source-book (John Wiley & Sons, $14.95) to provide more than 1,200 business resources for the small-business owner.

This handy guide lists books, audiotapes, videos and even Web sites on critical business-related topics such as accounting, writing a business plan, marketing, taxes, travel and computers and technology. Each entry is marked with an icon indicating its type-magazine, conference or seminar.

What makes the book helpful is the detailed description following each resource, allowing users to weed out the inappropriate ones. There are also useful tips sprinkled throughout the book. In the “Communications Skills” chapter, for example, there’s a tip entitled “Your Five-Minute Brag” o how to quickly and succinctly describe your business.

Lonier includes a roundup of government agencies and program listed state by state, as well as business association and professional networks. There’;s also a chapter for women-owned businesses and child entrepreneurs.

Even before you launch your business, you can use this directory–which includes chapters on “Starting A Business,” “Choosing A Business” and “Buying and Selling A Business”–to help decide which path to take.

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