Rex In Effect - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Move over PalmPilot — there’s something leaner. Franklin Electronic Publishers’ Rex PC companion is the latest salvo in the personal digital assistant (PDA) war. Imagine having all your important contacts and appointments in a credit card-sized device that fits in your wallet.

The unit is available in two configurations: Rex-1 ($129.95), which can hold up to 750 items, and Rex-3 ($149.95), with a capacity of 2,500 items. Both configurations are PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) cards that fit into a standard slot on your laptop for easy synchronization of data. Desktop users can opt for the docking station (sold separately for $39.95) that connects to a PC through a serial port. The device uses Starfish Software’s True Sync program, which includes its own personal information manager (PIM). To synchronize data you can also use your own existing PIM software, such as ACT, Outlook or Lotus Organizer.

The Rex’s most glaring drawback is the lack of any input device. So don’t expect to input appointments, phone numbers or notes on the fly as you can with various other PDAs (including the Pilot). You’ll have to input the information on your PC and then synchronize the data to update it. This also makes it impossible to search for a contact by name or keyword, although you can sort by last name, first name or company.

For more information, call Franklin Electronic Publishers at 800-266-5626.

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