Sealing The Deal - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Have you ever bought something you didn’t want just to get away from a pushy salesperson? Or perhaps you spent too much money or signed a contract you later realized wasn’t in your best interests. If so, and you’re in the business of sales, then you know exactly how you don’t want to come across to your customers.

No amount of badgering is going to sell a piece of merchandise if a customer has no use for it. But, if your product or service is high quality and fills a real need or desire, it will speak for itself. After you’ve established a need, you’re halfway there. Then, you should focus on assuring potential customers they’ll be making a wise purchase. Here are some suggestions to help you clinch the sale without resorting to strong-arm tactics:

Be patient as well as persistent. For example, taking the time to answer all of a potential customer’s questions shows you are interested in more than just a fast sale. Your patience will win over far more clients than an aggressive attitude ever could.

Emphasize the product’s benefits. By focusing on what your product can do for your customers, you can influence their decisions in a nonthreatening manner. If you sell organizers, for example, mention how the time-management features can increase business and personal productivity.

Share your own experiences with your product. This will lend credibility to your pitch, while putting your customers at ease. As a salesperson, you can never be too credible.
Keep in mind that service shouldn’t stop once a sale is made. To encourage customer loyalty, make sure you:

  • Follow up. Call or send a friendly thank-you card within two weeks of the sale. Don’t forget to ask your customers how they are enjoying the product.
  • Stay connected. Call periodically and make yourself available to answer any questions that may pop up. This way, you’ll develop a special rapport that will be useful when you want to introduce new products.

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