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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

When it comes to looking up business addresses the Yellow Pages are the old standard. But now that a small but growing number of businesses have Web sites, your fingers had better find their way to a keyboard–and the Internet.

Looking up a company on the World Wide Web is easy if you know its Web site address. If not, LocalEyes ( can help you. Given a geographic location (in the U.S.) and a topic or name, this combination search engine/director can find all related businesses in that area, whether they have a Web site or not. Strictly a business locator (no personal home pages), LocalEyes combines the functionality of the Yellow Pages with the immediacy and ease of the Web. The service uses technologies that automatically filter out personal pages and assign geo (graphic), topic and industry tags to business Web sites.

Results are returned in list form, indicating the phone number, address and Web site (if available) of the pertinent businesses in a given area. LocalEyes even provides driving directions and maps of the locations of local and national businesses you’ve located. There are more than 11,000,000 business listings in the directory, 300,000 of which are linked directly to the companies’ home pages.

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