Second 'Dancing Doll' Dyshea From Lifetime's Hit Show 'Bring It' Confirmed Dead: 'I AM NOT OK!'
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Second ‘Dancing Doll’ Dyshea From Lifetime’s Hit Show ‘Bring It’ Confirmed Dead: ‘I AM NOT OK!’


A tragedy has once again struck Atlanta’s Dancing Dolls community.

Diana Williams, the owner of Dancing Dolls, took to Facebook to post a heart-wrenching tribute to a member of her dancing team of the hit lifetime show ‘Bring It,’ which aired for five seasons, confirming that Dyshea Hall passed away after an accident.

“One of my Dolls has gone. I don’t understand, and I’m not ok!! Lord Jesus,” she wrote. “She was bold, always attempting to raise herself and everyone else in the dollhouse. Moreover, she was supporting and inspiring her sisters.”

“I will miss your laughter, I will miss your smile,” she added.

Many on social media have been sending their condolences after the news went viral.



As previously reported, another Dancing Doll Shakira Gatlin, 19, was fatally wounded by gunfire at a home on Feb. 2 in the 100 block of Barnes Street in Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson police disclosed that Gatlin had been shot in the head while an underaged male was “mishandling a gun.”

Authorities questioned the young man, and he expressed that the shooting was accidental.

Gatlin’s mother, Erica Robinson, shared the news of her daughter’s death on Facebook.

“WHY!!!! WHY!!!!! I just can’t catch a break!!!! Just buried my husband NOW I HAVE TO BURIED, MY BABY!!! They deserved to LIVE…PLEASE PUT THEM DAM GUNS DOWN!!! She didn’t [deserve] his!!! Shakira Gatlin momma [loves] you so much!!”

Gatlin’s passing was especially difficult for Robinson because the grieving mom had lost her husband to gun violence. Forty-year-old Derrick Robinson was shot to death in Jackson on Sept. 14, 2021.

DD4L was founded in 2010 by Williams. The dance company specializes in hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz, pom pom, majorettes, and other forms of dance. The organization was originally based in Jackson but has since branched out to Birmingham, Ala., and Atlanta.

In 2014, the famed dancers and Head Coach Williams’ talents were so incredibly talented the troupe had its own series on Lifetime Networks Bring It! for five seasons. DD4L’s mission, per its website, stated the organization “promotes high self-esteem, determination, persistence, high academic achievement, community involvement and the importance of health in young women through the art of dance.”

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