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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Is there a surefire way to become a successful entrepreneur? Yes, says Gladys Edmunds, a parent at age 16 and now a multimillionaire and president of the Gladys Edmunds Programs, a motivational speaking firm for business owners. There are six key steps, she says, to surviving as an entrepreneur: take charge of your thoughts, overcome obstacles, establish communication, build a dynamic support system, achieve balance and expand your horizons.

Edmunds shares her blueprint for success in There’s No Business Like Your Own Business: Six Practical and Holistic Steps to Entrepreneurial Success (Viking Penguin, $22.95). She combines personal anecdotes and true-life stories of friends and clients that she has counseled along with how-to advice and a program of effective personal exercises.

In the chapter “Overcoming Obstacles,” Edmunds illustrates how planning ahead and savvy business practices helped her overcome one of the biggest obstacles she faced while launching her first business ventures-learning how to make money without going broke in the process. The chapter “Achieving Balance” addresses the importance of maintaining balance at home and work. In it, Edmunds explains how yoga helped her balance the stress of entrepreneurship, motherhood and volunteer work.

Edmunds’ book inspires and sets readers on the path toward realizing their full potential as business owners.

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