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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Iris Randall is an organizational management consultant based In Danbury, Connecticut.

What’s the real secret to succeeding in sales? “Connecting with customers and meeting their needs,” says Demetrius Purefoy, a field coordinator at American Communications Network in Troy, Michigan. “Failing to establish a rapport will result in a sale that takes a long time to close, if it closes at all.”

Everyone is a salesperson in some capacity. Entrepreneurs spend countless hours trying to convince people to use their products or services. A job hunter’s success depends largely on how well he sells himself to a prospective employer. The following basic principles can help you increase your chances of sales success for your business or career.

Basic No. 1: Know your audience.

Take the time to learn prospective clients’ needs. Do your customers pay more attention to status, color, comfort, designer and style than to the functionality of the product? If you don’t know what appeals to them, you can’t give them what they want and clinch the sale. Listen carefully, answer all questions thoroughly and exude a positive and polite attitude. Above all, be mindful of the first rule of business: The customer is always right.

Basic No. 2: Sell your product’s benefits.

Customers want to know what a product will do for them. So talk about the benefits of your product–not its features. For example, don’t focus on the fabric of a suit. Instead, emphasize that it can hold a crease longer and look fresher without requiring numerous cleanings. Remember that your sales pitch should always be customer-focused.

Basic No. 3: Dress professionally.

Generally, people pay more attention to visual images than verbal cues. If your image doesn’t match the wonderful qualities of your product, chances are you won’t make the sale. Project a clean, confident and polished image.

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