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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q: There’s a rumor spreading on the Web concerning the Senate passing a bill on no funding for minorities in college. The bill will supposedly prohibit affirmative action in admissions for any institution of higher education that receives federal funding. This would effectively end affirmative action in every college and university in the United States. Is this true?
–Jaymes Jorsling, New York City

A: I don’t know where this e-mail came from, but it is either extremely dated or the person circulating it is completely misinformed. But in the future, if you’re not sure about the veracity of a story like this, you should check with your congressman. You can call his or her local office.

People get misinformation from lots of different sources, but you need to check the source of the information. This [message] doesn’t make it clear who you can call for more information and it’s not clear that it’s current information. It looks like it just got sent around in some e-mail loop for a long time, because this looks like something that would have been written when we were doing the higher education bill, which has been signed into law for some time. So, I think that just like any consumer or reader of e-mails, newspapers or anything else, you should consider the source of the information and check the facts if you want to be a good advocate with local community groups and your congressman.

Mark Zuckerman is general counsel, House Education and the Workforce Committee

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