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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

It’s tax time again and you’ve done exactly what you promised yourself you wouldn’t do–waited until the last minute. Fortunately for you, Intuit’s TurboTax Deluxe gets you through the tedious tax filing process with the ease of an old friend.

When the program starts, the first screen prompts you to check the 1997 tax law changes to see how they may affect your return. Clicking “yes” will give you information on changes in filing for capitol gains, families with children, corned income credit and more.

The meat of the program is an in-depth interview. There are two ways you ran complete the tax interview–EasyStep or Forms. Novice tax filers will want to use the EasyStep method with its helpful hints and frequent pop-up videos explaining things from the fairly simple, such as who qualifies as a dependent, to the complex, such as how to prove: a loss from casualty or theft. Veterans can forgo the hand holding and choose the straightforward Forms method of completing the program. Financial data can be imported from Quickbooks, Ouicken or any other program that uses the .TXF file format. TurboTax can also help you prepare your state tax return (you’ll need to purchase Intuit’s state tax program separately for $27.95).

Throughout the EasyStep interview, you can click the “guide me” button to launch n series of questions to help you with any topics that you ore unsure about. TurboTox’s video clips offer helpful hints from tax experts Mary Sprouse and Marshall Led and periodic mini-reviews to check for mistakes. Other useful features include arefund monitor, which keeps arunning total of your refund in the upper right corner, and a deduction finder that helps you look for opportunities for deductions you may have missed. The audit alert analyzes your return and notifies you of any data that could raise a red flag with the IRS and possibly trigger an audit.

TurboTax includes reference materials such as Intuit’s Online tax guide, How to Pay zero Taxes, and the IRS Tax Guide. Indivisuals with many investments and small businesses will also appreciate the program’s automatic expansion feature which accommodates long lists of items that traditionally had to be written in the margins of your form.

Overall, TuroTax Deluxe is on excellent choice for self-filers, and not just those who won’ until the last minute.

Retail price: $49.95

Available for MAC and Windows

For more information roll Intuit:800-446-8848 or

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