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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

You’re all set: the tub is filling up with soothingly hot water, you’ve lit the candles and put your favorite scent to simmer in your potpourri burner. It’s been one heck of a day at work, and you are ready to soak your troubles away. All that’s missing is your favorite book and the tea. No, not the tea you drink-the tea for your tub.

Along with massage and aromatherapy, bathtub soaks help you fight mental wear and tear. Enter bathtub “teas”-fragrant dissolving crystals-from Tranquili Tea, a relaxation-product company in Pasadena, California. Each of the four varieties, soothing, calming, uplifting and soft skin, contain natural ingredients, such as chamomile and oatmeal, for an extra boost.

Kemi Ajayi, owner of Tranquili Tea, suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by chronic muscle pain. “My neck and shoulders were stiff and my arms and legs hurt. Massage therapy was extremely painful,” says Ajayi. After her rheumatologist recommended regular hot-water soaks, she consulted a physician and an herbalist to create her own therapeutic bubble bath concoctions.

It must be noted that such body-care giants as the Body Shop, Garden Botankika and Bath & Body Works offer items similar to these tub “teas.” But if you want an affordable way to relieve stress and everyday achiness, this product is worth your consideration.

Bathtub teas by Tranquili Tea; six tea bags, $13.95. To order, call 800-830-0TEA or visit www.tran quilitea.com.

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