[WATCH] TCS 2016: Innovator of the Year & Breakout Star of the Year


Hosted by Intel

Join us as we recognize the exceptional achievements and contributions of tech industry leaders, disruptors and game-changers.


  • Michael Greene, VP, Software and Services Group and General Manager, System Technologies and Optimization, Intel

Innovator of the Year:
This award honors an individual who has launched a new type of technology or a tech-oriented company that is on the bleeding edge. This person has created a new, inventive way of using technology that has resulted in a successful business venture. The Innovator Award is for someone deemed a visionary in the field of technology.


  • Brian Brackeen, Founder and CEO, Kairos


Breakout Star of the Year:
The Breakout Star Award is presented to someone fresh in the technology field with huge potential. They may have just launched an app, or created a new product, or perhaps taken a new position at a technology company. This person has “it”—that aura of future success, the revolutionary ideas of a true creative and someone to follow as they continue on their career journey.


  • Rodney Williams, CEO, LISNR