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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Finding sites of interest to African Americans can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to look. Before you sign off and shut down your computer, check out the Afro American Web Ring (AAWR). A Web ring is a collection of pages that have something in common, connected together in a ring. This single Web address allows convenient access to many different sites. By going to the AAWR, you can visit more than 930 African American-related Web sites. From clip art to black history, business to women’s issues, the AAWR has something for everyone.

If there’s a particular topic you have in mind, you can visit the Web ring’s search engine, Soul Search, to find sites within its database. Enter “business opportunities” and the search will come up with 35 sites, including The Black Business Connection (www. Check on the “More Like This” link, which leads you to Wright Enterprises Recruiting E-Office ( and Marketing Opportunities in Black Entertainment ( You don’t have to be an AAWR member to list your site on Soul Search.

To register to become a member of AAWR’s Internet family, free of charge, your site must be African American-related, be suitable for all ages and have an HTML-code in its source. There are four simple steps for registration: you must fill in the form located on the AAWR home page, including the site title, site URL, email address, password, keywords and description; copy and paste the HTML-code that was e-mailed to you; e-mail the ringmaster the HTML-code added to your site; and, finally, you must receive a response.

When putting your site on the Web ring, you can choose different banners and get customized color for all text and links. As a member of the AAWR, you will have thousands of visitors; this can lead to increased business prospects. The best sites, according to AAWR visitors, will be awarded the AAWR Top Site Award.

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