The Blackware Guide - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Having trouble finding software created for and by African Americans? Then go ask a Griot, or the computer equivalent, GrioTech. The GrioTech Web site, which contains a listing of Afrocentric and African American- created software products–called the BlackWare list–gives surfers a starting point from which to find and support programmers, artists, software designers and purveyors of Afrocenttic software.

GrioTech provides e-mail addresses, software titles (including some prices, system requirements, etc.), phone numbers and addresses of about 10 different software companies. Educational and African history titles dominate the list. You can also find out where to purchase images of famous African Americans on disk. Offerings range from Afrocentric clip art and multimedia histories of the African Diaspora to business productivity software and games.

Surfers can receive an e-mail version of the BlackWare list from GrioTech ( Afrocentric software providers not on the list can be included by sending product and company information to

The next time you’re in the market for software, point your browser to GrioTech. Where else can you find clip art collections of black religious icons?

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