The Cost Of A Career Move - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Q: I am relocating to another city with my firm. What moving expenses should I ask them to cover?

A: “Let the company make the first move,” says Virgil L. Fludd, president of the Carvir Group, an executive recruitment firm in Atlanta. People often make the mistake of expressing their relocation requirements during the interview process instead of waiting to see that the company will offer. Oftentimes, says Fludd, the company’s policy is better than anticipated.

A basic relocation package should include: packing and shipping of household goods, unpacking at the new location and the shipping of one privately owned car. Some companies may not put all their cards on the table initially. If your relocation package does not meet your needs, negotiate for some of the less commonly paid expenses, including: out- placement services for your spouse, shipping of two privately owned cars, shipping of the household pet, shipping of livestock, relocation of a privately owned boat, relocation of privately owned aircraft and shipping of household goods for the secondary home. You may opt for a lump sum payment from which taxes will be deducted or to be reimbursed.

“Remember, employees have more bargaining power in today’s market,” adds Fludd. “With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, choice employees will find the odds in their favor.”

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