The early bird - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Q: I have eight months remaining before earning my bachelor’s degree in business. At what point should I begin my job hunt and plan for relocation?
–Keith Henry, Las Vegas

A: “Now is the time,” says Dewain L. Lee, director of Educational Enhancement Options-Career Services at Dillard University in Louisiana. “You actually should have started earlier, since you are planning to relocate.”

Graduates-to-be who are seeking opportunities in unfamiliar locales should begin their job search early. Give yourself at least a year to find and contact companies and get better acquainted with the area. That way, when you’re called for an interview, you’ll already be familiar with the environment and familiar with the community.

Simultaneously, use all the resources available to you. Stay abreast of information by regularly reading business publications and other trade-specific materials. Surf Internet sites such as and, and visit your campus career services office to research companies and the areas in which they are located.

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