The Meaning Of Passion - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Passion is not a cheap thrill, or an easy fix like sex or drugs. It’s not even the intense ups and downs of an early romance. Passion means attempting to express and realize our heart’s goals through the everyday practices of our lives. Passion is the combination of love, hope, and compassion we bring to our thoughts and actions. It is the cornerstone of a meaningful life. It can sustain and nurture us in both the most rewarding and the most difficult of times. When we realize the power of passion, we realize that happiness alone is not our goal. Our goal is to live the fullest life possible, to harness our potential, and use it to enrich the world.

— Terrie M. Williams, author and founder of The Terrie Williams Agency and The Stay Strong Foundation, from her latest book, A Plentiful Harvest: Creating Balance and Harmony Through the Seven Living Virtues (Warner Books, $22.95).

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