Tips For Mobile Professionals - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Conserve energy: Keep brightness and volume settings low when on the road, and read from the floppy, and especially CD-ROM, drive as little as possible.

Check the line: digital phone lines can damage some analog PC card modems in laptops. Make sure you’ve got the right connection for your modem.

Save hard disk space: Whenever possible use suites of applications, such as ClarisWorks, rather than a number of separate programs. This will save space on your disk.

Check your system: Before you leave, make sure your laptop and all programs and peripherals you intend to use on the road are working correctly.

Be print ready: Always keep a number of common printer drivers (i.e., HP DeskJet, Epson) on your laptop in case you need to print at a copy center or hotel.

Be prepared: Keep a floppy disk with important data in case your laptop needs to be revived on the road. Also, copy important data from your CD-ROM onto a disk so you don’t have to carry the CD-ROM drive if it’s not essential.

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