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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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It’s that time of year again. You’ve made your list, checked it twice–but you still haven’t figured out what to give your favorite tech-head. Relax. BLACK ENTERPRISE has rounded up a few tech tools–and toys–to take the stress out of gift-giving this holiday season.

Free At Last
Bluetooth has arrived–and it’s portable. The Toshiba Portégé 4000 Series features both Bluetooth wireless technology and Wi-Fi (affectionately called 802.11b in tech circles) in a svelte 4.4-pound package. Both wireless antennas are embedded in the lid of the notebook. The Portégé also features a sharp thin-film transistor (TFT) display and boasts a battery life of nearly three hours. (Prices start at $2,429; www.toshiba.com)

No Competition
The name alone should tell you what Iomega thinks of its drive system and storage device. It’s, well, Peerless. Available in FireWire and USB iterations, Peerless lets you transfer data and media at speeds of up to 15MB per second. If you regularly work with 3D, video, and CAD/CAM files–even MP3s–you’ll appreciate the sheer volume and speed of the device. ($359.95, 10GB bundle; $399.95, 20GB bundle; www.iomega.com)

Stuff It
You have the latest tech gadgets–cell phone, PDA, and CD or MP3 player–but where do you put all that stuff? Targus answers the need with the Black-top Universal Handheld Organ-izer. Now you’ll have a place to store all your new tech toys. ($29.99; www.targus.com


Smart Scanner
It may not slice or dice, but Canon’s CanoScan N1240 is a slim flatbed that runs on both the Mac and Windows platforms. It scans images up to 9600 x 9600 dpi and features Canon’s Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology, which produces high-quality images from a 1.3-inch-thin scanner. ($199; www.canon.com)

It’s No Amateur
Like the rest of its Palm OS-based siblings, the Handspring Visor Pro has many of the features we’ve come to expect–ease of use, small size, and attractive styling. The new Pro also offers Mac and PC compatibility, 16MB of memory, and is rechargeable and expandable. ($299; www.handspring.com)

Digital Pro
The Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera takes photographers one step closer to perfection. The 3.34-megapixel DC features a 4x optical zoom lens, six capture modes, and built-in pop-up flash. It accepts Type I and Type II CompactFlash Cards and comes with a 16MB Lexar Media Card. (www.nikon.com; $899.99)

What’s the Frequency?
Motorola comes one step closer to 3G reality with the release of the Timeport P7382i phone. The GPRS hand-set (2.5G) bridges the gap between current wireless technology and the long-anticipated third generation of wireless devices, called 3G. What does this mean? Faster connections and clearer sound. ($200; www.motorola.com)

Picture Perfect
The Epson PhotoPC 3100Z not only takes good pictures, it’s nice to look at too. The three-megapixel digital camera features five resolution modes, 6X zoom, 11 capture modes, and Print Image Matching technology for seamless output to photo printers. ($799; www.epson.com)

He’s Baaaaaaack
His Airness has returned and he’s brought his signature Palm handhelds. The Michael Jordan edition Palm m100 features the usual–calendar, contact manager, etc.–as well as Quotes from Michael and MJ Trivia. The Jordan m500 features the

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