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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

If you expect crisp, bright images from your color printer, look no further than the Canon S500 Color Bubble Jet Printer with the company’s Microfine Droplet technology. The $149 printer spits out eight pages per minute (ppm) in color, and 12ppm in black and white, and is compatible with Windows and most Macintosh PCs (OS 8.5 to 9.x).

Typical of Canon printers, setup was easy and painless on the software and hardware side. The S500 is perfect for both the home and office, giving users quality color documents and images at a low price. Additionally, the printer delivers vivid colors at Standard and Quality settings. Canon has separated the ink into four separate tanks, which makes it easy to replace individual colors when you run out of one.

The Canon software also features Image Optimizer and Photo Optimizer Pro, which let you further adjust your images for quality output. We found it made a significant difference when compared with images that weren’t optimized. ($149; http://consumer.usa

So Happy Together
Try. Try again. That was our mantra while testing the Motorola Timeport 270c with the Motorola Bluetooth Connectivity Kit. It took us a while, but finally, after several attempts, we got the devices to communicate. Well, sort of.

On our tests, setup proved a mixed bag. Software setup was a breeze, but getting Bluetooth to recognize the phone was a bit more challenging; we ended up calling Motorola and were sent a replacement kit. After wrestling with that kit card and the Timeport, we succeeded. Faxing, however, proved a tough test. After numerous tries, we were unable to get one fax through. The problem turned out to be the fax software on our test machine.

So, what can we tell you? For starters, the Timeport 270c is a full-featured workhorse of a phone. Although it’s a bit bulky for a cell phone (especially when combined with the Bluetooth module), the CDMA phone is a solid business tool for professionals on the go. As for Bluetooth, we’ll try, try again. ($399, Timeport 270c; $299, Bluetooth Connectivity Kit;

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