[WATCH] Womanomics: Wealth Building for the Ages

Hosted by Merrill Lynch
A black woman would have to work seven hours more in order to earn what her male co-worker makes. In addition, black women are more likely than other groups to care for friends and relatives—physically and financially. Despite those challenges, black women are starting businesses more than any other group and those earning more than $75,000 are among the fastest growing income group in the country. Put it all together and sister’s need to get their financial footing on solid ground. In this panel we will discuss how black women of varying ages—millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers—can create financial security now and in the future, by examining saving, spending, debt, and retirement strategies as we share our stories and empower each other.

Shartia Brantley Moderator
Racquel Oden Speaker
Donna Sims Wilson Speaker
Carmen Rita Wong Speaker
Dana Worthy Remarks