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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

In 1989, I decided to leave a 25-year career in corporate America and start my own consulting and speaking business. My first year as an entrepreneur was filled with accomplishment, and I believed that my skills were all I needed to be successful. But when I experienced my first setback, I was shown the error of my thoughts.

Due to the unfortunate financial situations of some of my clients, a number of my speaking engagements were canceled and contracts were delayed. Worse, I had no new business to fall back on. For the first time in my short entrepreneurial career, I had to stop and reflect on my original goals, objectives and dreams. It was then that I understood the lessons of life my mother and grandmother tried to impart to me through phrases such as, “Faith along with action always seems to work better than action without faith.” They helped me hold on until things turned around again.

At some point, all of us in the world of business will experience some trials and setbacks. When tests of your resolve show themselves in your life, there is a saying that can help you get through it. Don’t take them for granted or ignore their power.

–David Crocker is president and CEO of Crocker Associates, an organizational change consulting firm in Yorktown, Virginia

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