16-Year-Old “TikTok Tutor” Goes Viral for Teaching Math to Peers in Quarantine

Alexis Loveraz (Image: CBS2/Screenshot)

Before the COVID-19 quarantine, TikTok was viewed as an app for teens that many people couldn’t understand. Now, millions of people around the world are appreciating black culture and creating funny videos to keep themselves and others entertained while sheltering in place. Then you have 16-year-old Alexis Loveraz who is using the platform to tutor students in math.

More than 54 million students are home from school, leaving them and their parents to partner with teachers as they strive to finish the remainder of the academic year.

CBSNewYork originally reported that the high school junior has a 4.0 GPA and is passionate about helping others. While school is out, Loveraz took it upon himself to help others after being encouraged by his friends. On any given day he is helping students tighten up algebra, geometry, and chemistry.

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As a result, he has been named the “TikTok Tutor” with more than 165,000 followers and 2.3 million likes on the platform.

In an interview with CBS2, he told Alexis Sanchez, “I was, like, really shocked. Things that they probably forgot like before COVID-19, this is like a refresher of what I’m, like, giving them out. It’s really cool because they understand it even better the way I’m explaining it to them.”

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Meet Alexis Loveraz 


And other students have admitted that his tutoring style is more helpful than some teachers in the comments section of Loveraz’s TikTok account.

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His mother is also proud of his ability to lead and give back to others. During the interview with CBS2, she said, “I’m excited about this. I know he can do this and more. I’m so proud that he helped a lot of people,” mother Likmilian Hiciano said.