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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

Kapor Center Launches a $1M Grant Competition for Tech Diversity

Recently, the Kapor Center announced the launch of the Tech Done Right Challenge, a $1M national funding challenge to enhance diversity in the technology sector, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Millennial Entrepreneur Turns Down $1 Million Deal; His Advice on Growing Your Business

Millennial entrepreneur Jabari Johnson, the founder of COLORS Worldwide, Inc. who walked away from a million-dollar deal, details crucial takeaways about business growth and venture capital funding.

Voter Suppression Tactics Prove Many Fear the Power of the Black Vote in 2020

Despite voter suppression efforts, there was a significant increase in black turnout for the midterm elections. If black voters cast ballots at the same percentage as white voters in 2020, what kind of power could the black vote wield? 

What Black Investors Need to Know about Opportunity Zones

Black investors have historically invested in land to build wealth. Now, there is a new option for blacks to become investors and receive tax breaks with a new real estate asset class: Opportunity Zones. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Start a Business You Love

You’re going to enjoy running your own business much more if your company is focused on something about which you are passionate about. Here is how to start a business you love. 

Most Powerful Women in Corporate America

The 135 women on the roster make up our largest ever list of the crème of the crop of the most powerful black women in corporate America.They have succeeded by leading with performance, deeply understanding their company culture, deftly navigating the corporate landscape, and—above all—wisely wielding their power


#Goals: How to Break Into Tech

Yes, there is a diversity problem in tech and discrimination does exist. But so does opportunity—lots of it—and you don’t need a computer science degree or technical background to get it, just a curious mind, a willingness to learn, a revamped résumé, and a seat in this session!

Salaries, bonuses, benefits, raises, exit packages—whatever you’re facing, you may have more options and bargaining ...

Learn how to interpret–and project—the unspoken postures, gestures and mannerisms that matter most as body language ...

Real talk from this panel of bright young corporate leaders on getting noticed, being heard, and gaining a seat at the t...

In today’s climate, the male-female dynamic in corporate America may be more confusing and complicated than ever—eve...

Change and uncertainty are no longer isolated conditions, they are ever- present states of being that have come to defin...

Elevate and expand your entrepreneurial mindset. Learn the essentials of transforming an idea into a successful business...

Becoming successful is one thing; building upon and sustaining it is another. In an intimate exploration of her career, ...

In the annals of leadership, there is no higher office than the president of the United States and perhaps no tougher mo...

Big takeaways from some of the boldest and most historic campaigns of our time. Meet the women who despite tough odds an...

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25 black women who are changing the world

Much has been written about 2018 being the year of the woman. Excuse us if we don’t get too excited. The extraordinary accomplishments of black women aren’t new. We didn’t arrive on the scene just now, and in 2019 we’re not going to fade back into the woodwork. Here are 25 black women who are changing the world.

Jesse Williams Addresses America at the BET Awards

Grey’s Anatomy actor and social activist Jesse Williams prophetically addressed America during his awards speech at the 16th annual BET Awards on June 26, at the Microsoft Theatre at L.A. Live. Presented with the Humanitarian Award by BET Chairman/CEO Debra Lee. Check out all of the latest content focused on the issues and topics important to black men.

Morgan State Awarded $750K in STEM Grant Funding

Morgan State University, a historically black college in Baltimore, has announced the award of a three-year $750,000 grant from Intel Corp. The grant is part of the Intel HBCU Grant program announced last month, which is part of the tech giant’s Diversity in Technology Initiative which began in January 2015. Be sure and catch up on all of the latest BE Smart content.


Podcasting is a big business and one that is expected to keep growing. According to Podcast Insights, there are currently over 660,000 podcasts and over 28 million episodes as of last month. Convince&Convert states podcast listening by women has increased 14% in one...

20 Must-Listen to Black Women Podcasts for 2019

If you trace all the way back to biblical days up until the 21st century, you will find that mentorship was the “secret sauce” for many who made extraordinary accomplishments. Here are five reasons why mentors matter.

5 Reasons Why Mentors Matter