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Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

Date Hotspots For Frequent Travelers Looking For Romance

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These two companies have teamed up to provide customers with local recommendations on which hotspots they should hit up with a date while they’re in town.

An Honest Conversation About Race in the Workplace

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Race in the workplace issues can be overt or covert. Nearly every black woman in the workforce can attest to undergoing some form of racism in the workplace at the hands of a client, customer, colleague, or manager. Four corporate leaders discuss.

The NAACP Launched a Socially-Driven ETF to Foster Impact Investing and Corporate Diversity

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Marvin Owens, senior director of the NAACP Economic Department, shares how the NAACP minority impact ETF is creating corporate change and racial equity through impact investing.

Grow Your Business with a Digital Transformation Strategy

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Digital business strategies help free up your time so you can focus on what’s important as a business owner. Get started with three easy steps.

Money Tips to Teach Your Kids Now, According to Tiffany ‘The Budgetnista’ Aliche

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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche shares some of the money tips that her father taught her to help parents get their children on track to financial wellness.


Master P: The Mogul, The Legend, The Man

Two words that accurately describe Hip Hop mogul Percy “Master P” Miller’s entrepreneurial journey are humble beginnings. In a sit-down interview with Master P to discuss business, his hip hop legacy, and generational wealth.

MSNBC host of AM Joy, Joy Reid, not only delivers insightful politically commentary on her weekend show, but she also of...

Rising media mogul and reality TV star Jason Lee opened up about his business and "Love and Hip Hop" at the Black Enterp...

Venture Capitalist John Henry opens up about his the best investment, worst business advice, and the secret to winning m...

TD Jakes offers words of motivation at the 2019 inaugural SOAR summit, in Atlanta.

Wendy Williams talks about the next steps of her career backstage at the 2019 Black Enterprise FWD conference.

NBA legend Isiah Thomas opens up about the joint partnership between his Cheurlin Champagne company and the National Bas...

When Melissa Butler’s passion to create a more purposeful career called, she found herself exiting Wall Street and ent...

The Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox gets real about the important financial conversations a couple should have before ...

Associate Vice President of Nationwide Lu Yarbrough explains how one of the largest insurance companies in the world is ...

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25 black women who are changing the world

Much has been written about 2018 being the year of the woman. Excuse us if we don’t get too excited. The extraordinary accomplishments of black women aren’t new. We didn’t arrive on the scene just now, and in 2019 we’re not going to fade back into the woodwork. Here are 25 black women who are changing the world.

Jesse Williams Addresses America at the BET Awards

Grey’s Anatomy actor and social activist Jesse Williams prophetically addressed America during his awards speech at the 16th annual BET Awards on June 26, at the Microsoft Theatre at L.A. Live. Presented with the Humanitarian Award by BET Chairman/CEO Debra Lee. Check out all of the latest content focused on the issues and topics important to black men.

Morgan State Awarded $750K in STEM Grant Funding

Morgan State University, a historically black college in Baltimore, has announced the award of a three-year $750,000 grant from Intel Corp. The grant is part of the Intel HBCU Grant program announced last month, which is part of the tech giant’s Diversity in Technology Initiative which began in January 2015. Be sure and catch up on all of the latest BE Smart content.