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Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

49ers Analyst Tim Ryan Should Be Fired, Not Suspended, Over his ‘dark skin’ comment about Lamar Jackson

Tim Ryan’s penalty – a one-game suspension – is grossly inadequate, amounting to nothing more than a gimmick play to dismiss the incident without any real consequence.

Code-Switching at Work Is Taking a Psychological Toll on Black Professionals

New analysis shows that code-switching, or adjusting one’s speech, appearance, behavior, and expression, comes at a cost for black employees

Lil Wayne Launches Premium Cannabis Brand

Lil Wayne announced the launch of GKUA Ultra Premium, a new brand of cannabis products with some of the highest natural levels of THC available.

McDonald’s Joins the Chicken Sandwich Wars

McDonald’s is trying out 2 Crispy Chicken Sandwiches to compete with Popeyes and Chick-fil-A

Sen. Cory Booker Reveals $100B Plan to Invest in HBCUs

Sen. Cory Booker is proud to announce that his campaign is proposing a plan to invest in HBCUs.