How Content Creator Ashley Massengill Earned Over $1 Million in 40 Minutes From Her Online Course

Texas-based entrepreneur Ashley Massengill has mastered the creator economy. Without any paid ads, she leveraged her social media network and earned over $1 million in less than an hour.

On September 20, Massengill shared her powerful results on Facebook.

“$1,039,943 in 40 MINUTES LESS THAN AN HOUR!!! Mama I made it! Somebody call up Forbes lol TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!”

She ends her excitement with #BIGAsh, #MillionaireMentor, and #NoPaidAds, hashtags that represent her success as a Black woman millionaire.

Massengill takes her 27,000 Instagram followers and nearly 200,000 Facebook followers behind the scenes of her success. She also teaches others what she has learned during her four years of entrepreneurship. Her course, Digital Course Recipe, shows people how to turn their skills and passions into a valuable online course in 60 days.

Like many entrepreneurs, Massengill’s success didn’t come overnight. She also wasn’t immune to hard times.

In 2013, Massengill faced eviction and her car was repossessed. She also recalls overdrafting her bank account to launch her business. But that didn’t stop her from turning in a resignation letter from her job in 2017 to launch her AM/PM Credit Repair.

“Today is my LAST DAY clocking in and working for ANYONE else,” Massengill shared in March 2017. “I’m now making more in 1 MONTH with my business than I was making in 3 MONTHS working inside the post office. Yep! I TRIPLED my federal salary in my pajamas. Just working from HOME and helping others reach their GOALS So it’s time to take a LEAP OF FAITH…And be my OWN BOSS now!

She advises others, “When God is telling you to MOVE, you just MOVE. Even if you don’t understand where he’s trying to take you, just TRUST HIM. He didn’t bring you this far just to LEAVE YOU. I can NOT wait to see what else GOD has in store for us.”

Four years later, Massengill is breaking records as a content creator. Ankur Nagpal, founder and CEO of Teachable, shared Massengill’s results on Twitter.

We just had a creator on Teachable earn $1M+ in the first 40 minutes of launching her course. Congrats Ashley!”

Stripe, a financial services and software company that builds custom solutions for creators to earn money on major platforms, did an analysis of the creator economy. The company revealed that the number of creators on 50 top platforms increased 48% since 2020. Top companies have added 668,000 creators to their platform.

Content creators like Ashley Massengill aren’t only reaching their financial goals but they are inspiring others to do the same. Lola Balogun, multi-million dollar event planner and former aide to Michelle Obama, shared how Massengill inspired her to think bigger.

“Recently, I closed a 8 figure business deal that started off as a 7 figure deal,” Lola wrote on Facebook “Being around Ashley showed me I was thinking too small so I negotiated the deal to 8 figures.”

She added, “God used Ashley to introduce me to my next. He used her to show me what’s possible! Truth is, she’s blazing a trail of uncommon wealth for the underdog and showing us what’s possible!”

Many people frown upon the idea of constantly sharing your accomplishments and material possessions on social media. Not Ashley. She’s a proponent of sharing her success with her audience. It’s been the reason why Ashley continues to attract million-dollar days and opportunities.

“The outcome of me PUBLICLY celebrating MYSELF has been so rewarding,” Ashley wrote on Facebook. “Since day 1, I’ve been preparing for my new partnership with Teachable that goes live in 2 weeks. While I’m recording content for them, active campaign slides in my emails and asks to jump on a zoom call with me next week to talk about a partnership with THEM as well.”

Massengil has advice for other entrepreneurs who are afraid to consistently promote and celebrate their wins on social media.

“Moral of the story, NEVER dim your light or water yourself down for ANYBODY. For every 5 people who see your success as “bragging” there will be 50 CORPORATIONS watching you and getting INSPIRED!!! Now BILLION dollar corporations are looking for me and saying the same thing…. “We keep hearing about you and seeing your name on social media.” So respectfully, I will NEVER shut up. And I will NEVER move in silence unless I feel LED to do so. God is GOOD and y’all going hear about it. Forevaa.”

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