Fans Concerned After Rapper Nelly’s Eyes Roll to Back of His Head in Bizarre Performance

Rapper Nelly had the internet running wild with theories about why he was rolling his eyes in the back of his head during a recent live performance.

Nelly hit the stage in Melbourne, Australia to perform a few of his hits for a crowd of fans at Juicy Fest. One fan was recording and zoomed in during Nelly’s performance of his county hit Over and Over.

The St. Louis native could be seen rolling his eyes in the back of his head while crooning out the tune. After posting the video on TikTok, one observer reposted the strange clip on Twitter and accused Nelly of being “high as hell.”

“What drug is Nelly on? Percs do this? I’m asking,” asked someone else.

Others shared their theories about Nelly’s behavior, with most suspecting the rapper might be using drugs.

“Could be ex, percs or meth,” one user tweeted in response to the video.

“Obviously MDMA,” added someone else.

Fans of the rapper expressed their disappointment at the possibility that the drug use rumors might be true.

“NOOOOO Nelly I love you so much please come and clear this up, you are to amazing for drugs,” one fan wrote.

“Omg I hope he gets okay 👍🏽 What is going on with him?” added someone else.

One fan said the rapper should’ve kept his sunglasses on since his eyes were “fighting for their life.”

The viral moment ended up getting spoofed by comedian Spice Adams. Once Nelly caught wind of the comedic reenactment, he reposted Spice’s video with a series of laughing emojis, TMZ


While Nelly responded to the spoof, he has yet to respond to all the drug speculation from fans. He did release a statement thanking “all of Australia” for “showing out,” Daily Mail reported. He noted how “amazing” the tour had been and expressed his excitement to “finish out strong.”

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