Judge Mathis Announces Return to Television ‘With A Black Studio’, Signs on with Allen Media Group

Just days after Warner Bros. announced the cancellation of Judge Mathis after 24 seasons and People’s Court, the judge is announcing his comeback on a network that’s for us and by us.

Judge Greg Mathis took to Instagram on Monday, to tease his return to television in the wake of being axed by the media giant Warner Bros.

“JUDGE MATHIS FINISHED?? STAY TUNED!” he captioned the video post.

In the video, Judge Mathis wears his signature robe while calling out Warner Bros. for “getting out of the judge show business.” But the minor setback appears to have only set the famed TV judge up for an even bigger comeback.

“But the good news is, the other studios aren’t getting out of the judge business,” he said. “As you can see with this robe still on, something might be happening real soon.”

According to Judge Mathis, his current focus is on returning to television, but with a network that is about diversity and inclusion and not pushing out their Black staff and shows.

“It’s going to be, and it will, with a Black studio this time,” Mathis said.

“I want to be able to empower Black businessmen and Black studios so that they can hire more Black people and put more Black shows on the air.”

Mathis went on to explain his gripes with some of the major studios in charge of running most of the television content we consume.

“Because the commitments we receive from corporate America and Hollywood have been rescinded for

the most part,”  he said. “One of the studios dismissed all the people of color and hired white males to take their place reportedly. Others are dropping shows as you see, when there’s this push for African American images.”

But all is not lost. Judge Mathis teased the likely possibility of his return as a judge or even as a talk show host.

“You’re still going to have me around,” he said. “Perhaps for a judge show. Perhaps for a judge show and a talk show on political issues. Or perhaps just a talk show.”

On Tuesday, it was announced that Judge Mathis will now be making a move to Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group for his new show Mathis Court with Judge Mathis

”, Variety reported.

“Byron and I are both from Detroit and it’s exciting to see him build the Motown of court programming by bringing together all of my fellow judges from his 8 court shows – who are the best of the best,” Mathis said.

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