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Deven Robinson

A Virtual Experience
Save the Date: September 9, 2021
7:00 PM EST

Our latest installment of the groundbreaking Black Enterprise Town Hall series on Sept. 9 focuses on opportunities to close the racial wealth gap impacting Black America: “Homeownership & Wealth Building: Creating Pathways to Lasting Black Prosperity.

A Virtual Experience
Save the Date: September 15-16, 2021

This two-day, immersive, content-rich experience convenes the nation’s largest gathering of emerging and established AA businesses. Top-flight speakers deliver the resources, connections and inspiration entrepreneurs need to launch, grow and innovate while the interactive environment facilitates partnerships with brands seeking to recruit and/or support minority-owned vendors and customers.

A Virtual Experience
Save the Date: October 27-28, 2021

Women of Power Tech is designed to provide career, leadership, and business development information to African American female professionals. WPT will provide insight, tools, and opportunities for those currently within the industry and those seeking to make an entree into the tech sector as well as industries that continue to be disrupted by technological innovation.

As we address the “new normal” with this virtual event, we look forward to being able to welcome even more women to join us and are currently offering complimentary access to those who register now!

We will post more information about this remarkable event, so check back often for the latest updates!

A Virtual Experience
Save the Date: November 17-18, 2021

The Black Men XCEL Summit is the groundbreaking leadership excellence conference for Black men, a valuable and necessary pool of talent for the success of companies, industries, communities and the nation. Connect and engage directly with men of color who share a passion for professional and personal leadership development in every field of endeavor, and who comprise a source of human capital invaluable to America’s competitiveness in the global economy.

Save the Date: March 24-26, 2022
Bellagio Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


A Virtual Experience
February 25, 2021

Let’s move past talk of diversity to implementing measurable change. Our summit will explore best practices and proven initiatives that will help you recruit qualified candidates, create a culture of inclusion, retain diverse employees, and build a pipeline to senior management and the C-suite.

A Virtual Experience
March 25, 2021

Never have the realities of racial healthcare disparities been more apparent. This urgently needed summit, an extension of our proven Women of Power brand, will address the physical and mental health needs of Black communities, from managing stress, obesity, and chronic conditions to physical fitness and self-care—because health is wealth!

A Virtual Experience
April 22, 2021

Homeownership has long been the foundation of economic stability in the Black community. Our summit will help attendees secure generational wealth through the strategic use of property, whether they’re first-time home buyers, homeowners looking to leverage their equity, or aspiring real estate investors.

A Virtual Experience
May 20, 2021

Looking to reach the Millennials who are driving the economy and determining the future of business? Connect with this influential audience, which now makes up the largest segment of the workforce and wields $1.4 trillion in spending power, at our summit spotlighting the under 40 movers making a big impact.

More to come

A Virtual Experience
May 6, 2021

Small businesses power the U.S. economy. The Small Business Virtual Summit will bring together the most trusted and inspirational black voices in business to provide critical advice and vital resources to help owners overcome extraordinary obstacles, and create a path forward. This program is geared toward small business owners and leaders.

A Virtual Experience
June 10, 2021

Black Enterprise will kick off our groundbreaking Town Hall series on June 10 with the session: “One Year After George Floyd: Has Corporate America Made Good On Its Economic Equity Pledges?”

In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd and the global unrest in its aftermath, corporate America has been challenged to confront systemic racism in the workplace as well as society as a whole. This session will focus on measures for Black advancement based on the series of corporate pledges to deal with past racial inequities. The initiatives include providing more opportunities for Black professionals in the workplace; increasing capital and procurement opportunities for Black-owned businesses; and ensuring corporate accountability to this renewed focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

A Virtual Experience
July 14, 2021


Our annual Power in the Boardroom package has made us the authority on Black representation on the boards of the largest corporations in America. These directors and other corporate governance experts will share the best ways to assure inclusive leadership from the top of the org chart to the bottom line.


The C-Suite Summit brings together Black CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and founders for inspirational interviews and peer-group discussions, designed to put attendees at the center of the event. The summit addresses opportunities and challenges with actionable insights that help scale your company, inspire your teams, and incorporate innovative thinking into your business strategy

A Virtual Experience
June 23, 2021

We continue the conversion from conversation to action. Part two of our summit will explore best DE&I practices and proven initiatives that will help you recruit qualified candidates, create a culture of inclusion, retain diverse employees, and build a pipeline to senior management and the C-suite.

A Virtual Experience
July 8, 2021

In the wake of more than 70 Black business leaders publicly challenging corporate America to take a stand against the campaign to pass voter suppression legislation across the country, we bring together top executives and voting rights activists who are engaged in the latest battle to protect our franchise. The session will focus on what corporations must do to demonstrate clear and continuing allyship with those fighting for the voting rights of Black people, consistent with their public pledges in support of economic equity and racial justice. It will also address what we can do to hold those corporations accountable for their actions—or lack thereof—on this fundamental issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion.