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The 15 Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs In America

You would be surprised to find out that these 15 opportunities are actually six-figure jobs.

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Career Advice

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Red Hammer: 3 Great Reasons to Position Yourself as an Expert

Don’t just be an “Average Joe” worker. Find ways to leverage your knowledge as a…

10 Reasons You’re Still Unemployed

Unemployment is slowly receding and getting back on track, but if you’re unable to find…

FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Get Leadership and Business Strategy from the Greats, Presented by BMW

BMW presents ‘From the Corner Office,’ offering insights via special content, social media events and…

Top Careers

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Study: Women Of Color Punished More For Hiring To Increase Diversity

In an alarming study, women of color get punished by corporations for hiring diverse workers.…

Industry Leaders in Business and Entertainment to be Honored at F.A.C.E List Awards

African diaspora leaders in industries including entertainment and business will be honored at the 2014…

President Obama Bans LGBT Discrimination, No Religious Exemption

There are 29 states that have no laws to protect gay, lesbian, or bisexual employees…

Cool Jobs

"Bell Washington" by Afua Richardson (Image: Afua Richardson)

Cool Jobs: Comic Illustrator Talks Art and Race in the World of Superheroes

Afua Richardson is one of the talents of color making a name for herself in…

From Beauty Guru to Filmmaker: One Young Woman’s Savvy Journey to National TV

Beauty-guru-turned-filmmaker Kimberly Walker rebounded from a loss to having her screenplay, “Comeback Dad” debut on…

Jamie Roberts Does ‘Comedy With A Purpose’

Jamie Roberts is a rising comedian who hosts comedy shows in NY and has a…

Changing Lanes

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Millionaire Businessman Talks Making the Jump from Employee to Entrepreneur

Over the following 13 years, the new team in place grew the company from $28…

Lawyer-Turned-Rapper Gilles Talks Trading in Courtrooms for Studios

Gilles Walters took a major leap, transitioning from a legal career into the music industry.…

From History Teacher to Haircare Entrepreneur: How One Woman Made the Transition

A former educator, Karen Tappin chose to step out on faith and start her natural…

Women of Power

Venus Williams

Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit.

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Women of Power: Pushing Past Fear To Make Your Next Career Move

At the Black Enterprise Women of Power summit, attendees learn how to push past fears…

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