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TIAA-CREF’s Sean Wilson Talks Millennials and Money (Part 2)

Roughly 47% of millennials, compared with 19% of the general population, look to Mom and…

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Consumer Affairs

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10 Ways To Protect Your Mobile Payments

With the announcement by Apple Inc., millions of Americans can now begin using a new…

Most Consumers Fear Running out of Money

If you want to get a handle on your debt, you’ll have to first identify…

Watch out for Ebola Charity Scams

The Federal Trade Commission warns that scammers are ready and waiting to take advantage of…

Credit & Debt Management


Best Metro Areas for Budgeters

WalletHub.com released a study outlining the metropolitan areas with the best and worst track record…

Some Consumers Treat Checking Account Like a Payday Loan

Just 8% of bank customers are responsible for roughly 75% of all overdraft fees.

Report: Private Student Loan Borrowers Driven into Default

Some borrowers say they don’t receive enough information or assistance from lenders and servicers when…


From Roblé Ali, Tasty Dishes to Wear

Chef Roblé, is at it again.

Decoded: It’s A Different World Without TV’s Favorite Cast

Black Enterprise takes a look at the cast members of A Different World after they…

Home Ownership

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CFPB Study: Many Owners of Manufactured Homes Have Pricey Loans

Owners of manufactured homes tend to be older, live in rural neighborhoods, and have a…

Tips for Calculating Mortage Costs

A mortgage calculator can help you with determining how soon you’ll be able to pay…

Timeshare Nightmare: Waking Up & Walking Out Can Be Just A Pipe Dream

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On a vacation in Mexico six years ago, Jessica Martinez and her husband took…


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Never Too Early to Plan: 5 Ways Millennials Can Build Wealth for the Future

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. One financial educator and consultant…

Tips for Embarking on an Encore Career

About 52% have fully retired from the workforce, up from 45% in 2011. However, some…

[Part 2] How to Catch Up With Your Retirement Savings

For 2014, the limit for employees who participate in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans, and…

Love & Money


Should an Engagement Ring Be Financed?

Here’s how to understand where the engagement ring’s value truly lies.

Study: Couples Hesitant to Share Finances

Many couples prefer to separate their finances.

Numbers Game: What Happens If Beyoncé & Jay-Z Divorce?

As of now it’s all hearsay, but what are the business implications if Beyonce and…

Planning & Budgeting

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ICBA Study: Millennials Value Community Banks, Want to Be Bosses

Roughly 46% of the respondents reported that they are interested in learning the process of…

Money Advice for the Sandwich Generation

Many Sandwichers say their adult children pose more of a financial strain than their parents.…

How to Run Your Home More Like a CEO

All successful CEOs have one thing in common: They’re able to maintain a big-picture perspective.…


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7 Savvy Year-End Tax Tips for Smart Consumers

These tax tips will help you save time and money. It’s never too early to…

Flying the Friendly Skies: 6 Tax Tips Every Business Traveler Should Know

Business travelers, don’t miss out on these tax breaks. They could put more money in…

Infographic: Kid-Friendly Tax Breaks

Get in on these child-related tax breaks.

Wealth Management

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TIAA-CREF’s Sean Wilson Talks Millennials and Money (Part 2)

Roughly 47% of millennials, compared with 19% of the general population, look to Mom and…

TIAA-CREF Financial Expert Sean Wilson Talks Millennials and Money

Roughly 47% of millennials, compared with 19% of the general population, look to Mom and…

[SURVEY] How Does Your Wealth Management Measure Up?

Massachusetts Mutual Life Company (MassMutual) took an in-depth look at African American household finances to…

Women of Power

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On the Move: Jocelyn Allen to Lead GM Diversity Efforts; Chicago Defender Gets First Female Exec Editor

Both General Motors and the Chicago Defender appoint female power players to top leadership positions.

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Meet Dariany Santana, Co-Host of Women of Power TV

Model and actress Dariany Santana is one of the hosts of Women of Power TV.…

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