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[SURVEY] African Americans Face Financial Challenges, Yet Remain Positive

Massachusetts Mutual Life Company (MassMutual) took an in-depth look at African American household finances to…

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Consumer Affairs

Nielsen Study: African American Income, Education Exceeds Expectations

Infographic: Do Consumers Really Have Freedom of Choice?

The products purchased by consumers often belong to a single food conglomerate.

CFPB and FTC Fight Foreclosure Relief Scammers

The CFPB is pushing for the victims to be compensated.

Economy Bounces Back in Second Quarter

The U.S. economy is looking the best it has in five years.

Credit & Debt Management

Credit Cards

Study: One in Three Americans with Credit File Has Debt in Collections

A debt in collections will remain on your credit report for seven years.

Credit Card Interest Rates on the Rise

The most significant increases can be seen when it comes to secured credit cards.

Infographic: Federal Versus Private Student Loans

This infographic outlines the difference between Federal and private student loans.


From Roblé Ali, Tasty Dishes to Wear

Chef Roblé, is at it again.

Decoded: It’s A Different World Without TV’s Favorite Cast

Black Enterprise takes a look at the cast members of A Different World after they…

Home Ownership

Image: Instagram

Celebrity Real Estate: 8 Entertainers Who Put Lavish Homes on the Market

Check out this list of top celebrities who put their homes on the real estate…

Sociologists Analyze Homeowner Attrition

For many, the American Dream involves becoming a homeowner.

Life-Savers: 5 Tax Facts for Home Sellers

If you’re selling your home, you’ll want to take heed to these tax facts from…



Survey: Women and Millennials Don’t Get Full Retirement Match

Not contributing enough to receive the match is basically leaving money on the table.

Infographic: Savvy Tips on How to Allocate Investment Assets

As you get closer to retirement, you should have less invested in equities.

Retirement? Millennials See Cash as Long-term Investment Strategy

The youngsters are placing their trust in cash when it comes to saving for retirement.

Love & Money


Kim Kardashian New Video Game On Track To Net $200 Million

The millions continue to rain down for Kim Kardashian.
The reality star’s golden touch now includes…

Merging Finances with Your Spouse

If you’re recently married, at some point you’ll be faced with a big decision:…

Common Misconceptions Newlyweds Have about Credit

If you’re a newlywed, there are some things regarding money about which you might be…

Planning & Budgeting

AARP and SBA Share Start Up Advice on Entrepreneurship for the 50 Plus

New Social Security Rule Affects Boomers

Social Security is calculated in favor of low wage earners.

Infographic: The Cost of Summer Fun Then and Now

Nowadays, fun is going to cost you.

Error in FAFSA Form May Affect Financial Aid Offers

Some schools began to see many applicants with unusual salaries on FAFSA.



New Rule for Individual Taxypayer Identification Numbers

Changes are coming for Individual Taxypayer Identification Numbers.

Top 10 Cities with Highest Travel Taxes

Study took a look at the top 50 travel destinations for business travelers, however, these…

Filing Funds: How Taxes Affect Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns

If you’re a nonprofit raising funds via crowdfunding, you’ll want to know this vital information…

Wealth Management


[SURVEY] African Americans Face Financial Challenges, Yet Remain Positive

Massachusetts Mutual Life Company (MassMutual) took an in-depth look at African American household finances to…

Forbes Media Sells Majority Stake To Hong Kong Investment Company Group

Forbes Media, the parent company of Forbes Magazine has reached an agreement to sell a…

Survey: More Americans Borrowing from 401K for Non-Essentials

Survey by TIAA-CREF, titled Borrowing Against Your Future, shows some workers are getting downright…

Women of Power

Venus Williams

Watch Sonia Alleyne’s Interview with Venus Williams at This Year’s Women of Power Summit [Video]

Venus Williams was one of the featured speakers at this year’s Women of Power Summit.

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Women of Power: Pushing Past Fear To Make Your Next Career Move

At the Black Enterprise Women of Power summit, attendees learn how to push past fears…

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