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Changing the Habits That Got You Into Debt

Still, our financial circumstances have as much to do with what we believe about ourselves,…

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Consumer Affairs

Cozette M. White (Image: Kennis McDaniel)

Cozette M. White Creates Chore System That Teaches Kids About Money and Wealth

Cozette M. White is on an unapologetic mission to transform lives and bank accounts.

How Strong Is Your Money Mindset?

Use these tips to squeeze the gap between your economic potential and see results.

How to Choose the Best Car Insurance

Whether you need car insurance for the first time or are shopping around for a…

Credit & Debt Management


What Hurricane Katrina Can Teach Us About Insurance and Credit Card Debt

In addition, the Consumer Federation of America finds that just 57% of people surveyed were…

Changing the Habits That Got You Into Debt

Still, our financial circumstances have as much to do with what we believe about ourselves,…

Retiring Your Debt Before You Retire

Research shows that workers with debt are worried about retirement. This story offers tips on…


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Decoded: The Money Behind Winning a Grammy

Many have wondered if artists get paid for performing at the Grammy’s or if they…

Missy Elliott Post-Super Bowl Sales Projected to Jump 1,000 Percent

Missy Elliott still remains a trending topic since her show stopping Super Bowl performance. Currently…

Money Decoded: The Ratings Behind Some of the Best Super Bowl Ads

Did you know a 30 second commercial spot aired during the Super Bowl cost marketers…

Home Ownership

Hattie Wilson

How Buying a Historic Home Can Save You Money

Choose a good realtor. Inquire about available properties in historic districts. Select a realtor that…

What Higher Rates Will Mean for Homebuyers and Homeowners

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates as soon as September. What does…

[STUDY] Wealth Gap for Black and White Homeowners Hurting Future Generations

A study finds the racial wealth gap increased dramatically after the housing crisis, causing challenges…


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Stocks Experience Biggest Weekly Drop Since 2008

It wasn’t just U.S. stocks. Markets around the globe – including shares in Europe and…

Uganda Prime Minister Discusses Entrepreneurship and Investing as Obama Visits Africa

BE talks with Prime Minister of Uganda, Rohakana Rogunda, as President Obama visits Africa to…

Is the Chinese Stock Market Hurting Your 401 (k)?

For the moment, the biggest worry U.S. stock holders seem to have when it comes…

Love & Money

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[STUDY] Finances Are Top of Mind For LGBT Couples

Wells Fargo survey reveals how marriage equality is impacting LGBT couples money plans.

Love and Money: Is Your Boo a Burden on Your Bottom Line?

This story gives tips on love and money, to help people deal with the human…

Married to the Boss: Can Marriage, Money and Multimedia Mix?

One couple who have worked together for nearly a two decades in the stressful world…

Planning & Budgeting


Redding opened up Amy Ruth’s in 1998 with a $73,000 investment and it went on to become a $3 million company. While that achievement is to be lauded, under further inspection it should also to be avoided because Redding launched his business undercapitalized, a trend that he believes is all too common for many African American-owned businesses. “As Black people we always end up opening businesses underfunded,” he notes. “Due to that we rob Peter to pay Paul and don’t pay taxes or purveyors or utilities. Redding knew that opening his latest restaurant would mean securing enough funding—$2 million to be exact. The only way he was able to achieve that round of fundraising was by revising his business plan, something that he recommends for every entrepreneur looking to start over. “You have to put your new business together with a solid business plan so that you can get proper funding.”

Want to Save More? Give Your Savings Account a Name

Lapin says in order to eliminate stress around savings make it personal, “it’s time to…

5 Legal Matters Prospective Parents May Want to Consider

Lauren Lake of ‘Paternity Court,’ shares five legal matters that prospective parents may want to…

[VIDEO] “Being Mary Jane” Producer Mara Brock Akil Gets Real About Passion and Money

Mara Brock Akil sat down with BE Senior Editor Stacey Tisdale and shared how she…


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5 Mid-Year Tips for Small Business Owners

Both large and small companies may benefit from simple business practices that will increase clientele,…

Prepare for New Tax Bill to Accompany Marriage

There is a new tax for walking down the aisle, which may result in a…

3 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Tonya Rapley gives three smart ways to spend your tax refund this year.

Wealth Management

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College Not Closing Wealth Gap for Blacks

Surprisingly, the research finds that blacks with a college education not only fared worse financially…

[STUDY] Blacks are Increasingly Optimistic and Confident About Money

Through its research, however, Prudential turns the spotlight on the often overlooked fact that the…

[WATCH] Make Sure Your Loved Ones Benefit From Your Estate

Not only do battles over estates come between family members, but even when individuals do…

Women of Power


Save the Date: Women of Power Summit 2016

Black Enterprise has officially announced that the 2016 Women of Power Summit will be held…

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Women of Power: 4 Boss Moves to Get Salary You Deserve

As the pay gap for women and men is highlighted today for Equal Pay Day,…

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