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Why Do 1 in 4 Women Take a Backseat When it Comes to Finances?

Roughly 1 in 4 women are not taking part in household financial decision making.

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Consumer Affairs


The Do’s and Don’ts of Regifting Holiday Presents

One way to save some cash this holiday season is to regift unwanted items.

BBB Offers Tips for Holiday Shopping

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are sure to yield some great deals.…

NFCC Offers Tips for Covering Holiday Expenses

Last year, holiday shoppers spent an average of $407 during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Credit & Debt Management


Woman Shares How She Dug out of $50,000 Worth of Debt (Part 3)

If you want to get a handle on your debt, you’ll have to commit to…

Wells Fargo to Provide Student Loan Modifications

Eligible borrowers will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Millennials and Money: The True Cost of Specialty Coffee

Try adding up all your coffee purchases for just one week and see how much…


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Decoding a Pop Culture Legend: Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is a legendary hit-maker and collaborator at the intersection of music and fashion.…

Beyond the Game: Michael Strahan’s Money and Power Moves

Michael Strahan, former defensive end for the New York Giants, is no stranger to the…

Economics Of LeBron: How He Became 6th Man For City Of Cleveland

Lebron James’ return to Cleveland is a big assist to the City’s economy. Here’s how.

Home Ownership

new-homeowner-620x480’s Mike Sante Talks Home Ownership

Housing prices have risen far faster than household income, making it more difficult for middle…

Home Ownership Out of Reach for Many Americans

Many Americans are having difficulty affording the price of home ownership.

Infographic: Consumers Prefer Root Canal Over Over Mortgage

A recent study finds that most consumers say they would prefer to get a root…


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My Fab Finance’s Tonya Rapley Celebrates Black Enterprise Cover

Black Enterprise October cover subject, Tonya Rapley, host celebration event in New York City.

Study Reveals Some IRA Investors Take an Extreme Approach

Roughly 56% of IRA owners had either all of their IRA money in equities or…

Infographic: The Meaning of Investment

Did you know that the term “investing” has origins dating back to the 1600s?

Love & Money

money and love

AXA Advisors’ Ainka Munroe Talks Women, Money and Divorce (Part 2)

Munroe offers her insights on how women can take control of their financial destiny no…

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

When planning your nuptials, you don’t have to go broke. Here’s how to plan a…

Survey: 45% of Couples Think They’d Be Richer if They Were Single

Gender and age play a role in one’s opinion on whether staying single or coupling…

Planning & Budgeting


How to Use Life Insurance To Protect Your Wealth

Being financially prepared for a breadwinner’s death saves families from the added grief of losing…

Why Do 1 in 4 Women Take a Backseat When it Comes to Finances?

Roughly 1 in 4 women are not taking part in household financial decision making.

Living Single: 5 Easy Money-Saving Tips for Young Adults

Living single in your 20′s? Help maximize your funds by trying these five easy money…



Take Advantage of the Saver’s Tax Credit

One advantage of the saver’s credit is that it can increase your refund or reduce…

Report Changes Affecting Your Premium Tax Credit Before It’s Too Late

Make sure your information is up-to-date because inaccuracies could result in receiving too much or…

7 Savvy Year-End Tax Tips for Smart Consumers

These tax tips will help you save time and money. It’s never too early to…

Wealth Management


Consumer Tip of the Day: Protect Elderly Veterans from Financial Abuse

Be very leery if the caller asks you to wire funds or send personal information.…

TIAA-CREF’s Sean Wilson Talks Millennials and Money (Part 2)

Roughly 47% of millennials, compared with 19% of the general population, look to Mom and…

TIAA-CREF Financial Expert Sean Wilson Talks Millennials and Money

Roughly 47% of millennials, compared with 19% of the general population, look to Mom and…

Women of Power

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Female Leaders Winning: Bethann Hardison, a Leader in Fashion

Fashion industry leader Bethann Hardison talks her journey to diversify the industry.

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United Nations Hosts Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

On Nov. 19, the UN celebrates female entrepreneurs of 144 countries.

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