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BE Exclusive: Snoop Dogg Talks Guns, 401(k)s, and How Blacks Can Raise Their Financial Voice

BE Exclusive: Snoop Dogg talks to Black Enterprise on guns, 401 (k)’s, and how blacks…

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Consumer Affairs

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BE Exclusive: Snoop Dogg Talks Guns, 401(k)s, and How Blacks Can Raise Their Financial Voice

BE Exclusive: Snoop Dogg talks to Black Enterprise on guns, 401 (k)’s, and how blacks…

South African Safari and 4 More Affordable Travel Destinations

Five affordable travel destinations just got cheaper for American tourists.

Track Your Online Shopping with New Facebook Update

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Facebook is heating up the social media competition with a bevy of new updates.…

Credit & Debt Management

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Forty-Seven Percent of Black Families Have No Emergency Savings

Black American families found to have disproportionately less savings compared to white American families.

Overcoming a Financial Disorder: What We Can Learn and How to Overcome

Daphne Mellody (Image: File)
When 38-year-old Daphne Mallory was a young girl, she and her family…

Money Made Easy: ‘Queen of Green’ Talks Eliminating Debt and Creating Cash Flow

Financial literacy advocate and money expert LaShawne Holland share her journey to help African Americans,…


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Decoded: The Money Behind Winning a Grammy

Many have wondered if artists get paid for performing at the Grammy’s or if they…

Missy Elliott Post-Super Bowl Sales Projected to Jump 1,000 Percent

Missy Elliott still remains a trending topic since her show stopping Super Bowl performance. Currently…

Money Decoded: The Ratings Behind Some of the Best Super Bowl Ads

Did you know a 30 second commercial spot aired during the Super Bowl cost marketers…

Home Ownership

HUD Secretary Julian Castro

HUD Secretary Julian Castro Determined to Increase Homeownership for Blacks

HUD Secretary Julian Castro pictured right

When Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro was …

New Changes Coming for “Know Before You Owe” Mortgage Rules

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act worked to make this information more accessible…

CFPB Launches Tool for Home Owners

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now offering resources to help home owners and home…


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Help President Obama Help You!

As President Obama threw down the gauntlet yesterday, and laid the framework for a plan…

Marketing to Millennials and Other Helpful Tips if You Have One in Your Life

Here are some things you should know if you’re trying to market to Millennials or…

The Secret to the Stock Market: You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

There is no question that January was not for the faint of heart when it…

Love & Money

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How to Have the Money Talk with Your Beau

Whether you’re in a relationship or about to tie the knot, it’s best to know…

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas for New Relationships

If you’ve found a brand new Valentine on the day of love, check out these…

Can You Afford Love?

Are you able to afford love? Is love money-focused or heart-focused?

Planning & Budgeting


Does Your Family Want an Extra $120k in Retirement Income? If Yes, Read This

Social Security along with America Saves, the American Savings Education Council, and the Women’s Institute…

Women’s History Month: 5 Tips to Get What You’re Worth

If you’re a professional woman, you won’t want to forget these four pivotal tips in…

[Part 2] Setting Financial Goals: Where To Begin

In case you didn’t know, Feb. 23, is the kick off for the 9th annual…


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Marijuana’s ‘High’ Sales Being Used to Fund Colorado Schools

This January, Colorado saw Marijuana sales leap to a record high—no pun intended. According to The…

Prudential’s Robert Fishbein Talks New Rules for Tax Season and IRAs

Robert Fishbein of Prudential shares the new rules regarding tax season 2015 and IRA rollovers.

Tax Time: Understanding Pros And Cons of a Refund and Bill

Consider these three quick guides for taxes, to assist you in the process of deciphering…

Wealth Management


Atlanta Ranks No.1 for Income Inequality

Brookings Institution recently revealed a new report comparing cities’ top earning households to their least…

Change Your Mind About Money and You’ll Change Everything

Here are five questions all black consumers must ask regarding attitude and money, and how…

Top 20 Cities with The Most Billionaires

If the saying that you are who you hang around is true, then you may…

Women of Power

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10th Women of Power Summit Most Successful of All Time

Last week, Black Enterprise’s 10th Women of Power Summit, hosted by State Farm in Ft.…

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Women of Power: How to Make a Vision Board

Vision Boards are a powerful way to manifest dreams and goals in life. So the…

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