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Tracy Mourning Talks Mentoring Girls Nationwide

Tracy Mourning talks expanding her mentoring program, Honey Shine Inc. and importance of empowering young…

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Business Opportunities

executive-level intensive entrepreneurship training initiative

Webinar Encourages Small Businesses To Support Nation’s Youth

A free webinar open to small businesses across the country seeks to develop new sources…

Janet Collins Story: Karyn Parsons Launches Kickstarter for Ballerina’s Biopic

Karyn Parsons launches a Kickstarter campaign to tell the untold story of the first black…

Chicago Fights to Win Obama Library Bid

The city of Chicago, where President Obama got his political start, is placing its bid…


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Hampton University Inc.

Hampton University president William Harvey gives candid insights on HBCU management efficiency and entrepreneurial innovation.

Why Common Core is Vital to Your Business

Common Core State Standards – the set of internationally benchmarked goals for public school…

Tioki Founder Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Connects Educators Through Online Network

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge, co-founder of Tioki, provides insight into the intersection of education and innovation leading…

K-12 Education

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School Districts Create Emergency Plan in Preparation of Ferguson Verdict

Ferguson school districts create emergency plan in preparation of Darren Wilson and Mike Brown case…

Obama’s Step-Grandmother Travels to U.S. to Promote Education in Kenya

President Obama’s step-grandmother travels to the U.S. to promote modern education in Kenya

New York Teen Gives 45 African Girls an Education by Selling Headbands

New York teen uses hair accessories business to fund the education of underprivileged girls in…

Postsecondary Education

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Thurgood Marshall College Fund Partners with University of Phoenix

Thurgood Marshall College Fund partners with the University of Phoenix to provide access to more…

Harvard and University of North Carolina Sued Over Affirmative Action Policies

A Texas-based nonprofit files a lawsuit against the affirmative action policies at Harvard and University…

Lincoln University President Receives Backlash for Rape Comments

Lincoln University President Robert R. Jennings receives major backlash for his comments about women and…

Women of Power

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Female Leaders Winning: Bethann Hardison, a Leader in Fashion

Fashion industry leader Bethann Hardison talks her journey to diversify the industry.

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United Nations Hosts Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

On Nov. 19, the UN celebrates female entrepreneurs of 144 countries.

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