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XMentor Me

Founder of MentorMe Talks Creating a Mentoring Platform for Youth

Britt Fitzpatrick Creates Mentoring Platform focused on (K-12) and higher education mentoring.

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Healthcare Tech Company Provides New Moms with Personalized Care

Check out Melissa Hanna, CEO of, a tech company that caters to new moms…

(Part 2) Veteran Tech CEOs Tell Stories of Bias in Silicon Valley

Successful African American founders and CEOs of tech companies talk about real and perceived…

(Part I) Veteran Tech CEOs Tell Stories of Bias in Silicon Valley

Two veteran tech company CEOs talk about the racial discrimination they’ve faced in the tech…


IBM Watson 2

3 Ways IBM Watson Developer Apps Can Be Used in Business

Watson is a cognitive computing system developed by IBM that isn’t programmed but “learns.” Here…

WhatsApp Web Now Available on iPhone

WhatsApp Web is finally available for iOS users.

(Part I) Dead Platform Walking: Why Google+ May Be On its Way Out

Google is phasing out many of the capabilities and features of its Google+ platform, using…


(Image: Facebook)

3 Things Brands Need to Do Right Now or Risk Losing Leverage on Facebook

Facebook’s updated news feed algorithm presents new branding opportunities.

Got an MBA? 5 Ways You Can (Still) Excel in a Tech Startup

Here are a few pieces of advice for those who want to make a mark…

Google: Email Password Recovery Questions May Not Be Secure

Email password recovery questions might not be secure enough to keep hackers out—but might be…


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Who Isn’t Online? New Pew Survey Explains Why Some Stay Off the Internet

According to Pew Research, there are still measurable parts of the population that don’t use…

Mercaris Gains Ground with Organic Goods (Part 2)

“People have built successful organic businesses without Mercaris,” says James, 39, a Crain’s Chicago Business…

Mobile Innovation Competition to Take Place in Washington, D.C.

“The Mobileys is about recognizing and supporting innovations that rise above the fray and use…

Women of Power


Save the Date: Women of Power Summit 2016

Black Enterprise has officially announced that the 2016 Women of Power Summit will be held…

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Women of Power: 4 Boss Moves to Get Salary You Deserve

As the pay gap for women and men is highlighted today for Equal Pay Day,…

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