Earl G. Graves Sr.

Chairman & Publisher

Earl G. Graves Jr.

President & Chief Executive Officer


S.V.P./Chief Content Officer Derek T. Dingle
S.V.P./Executive Editor-at-Large Alfred A. Edmond Jr.
V.P./Director of Creative Terence K. Saulsby
Executive Managing Editor Alisa Gumbs
Copy Chief Seimond London
Production Director Darcel J. Church
Associate Art Director Todd A. Chapman
Education Editor Robin White Goode
Editorial Researcher Lisa Fraser
Circulation Marketing Director Johann Alleyne-Morris


V.P./Director of Broadcast Genevieve Michel-Bryan
Editorial Director, Women of Power Caroline V. Clarke
Supervising Editor/Producer Kenneth Meeks
Broadcast Syndication Manager Rhonda J. Jackson


V.P./Director of Digital Shelly Jones Jennings
Digital Manager Samara Lynn
Digital Ad Ops Manager Michael Nealon
Digital Editor Selena Hill
Digital Producer Deven Robinson
Technology Editor – Silicon Valley Sequoia Blodgett
Social Media Manager Kristin Graves


V.P./Executive Director of Events Sherry B. Herbert
Events Program Managers Natasha Gore, Sharon Wynne
Marketing & Audience Development Manager Rochelle S. Turner
Sponsorship Manager Damian Scott


S.V.P./National Directors of Multimedia Sales Dirk J. Caldwell, Kyle Allman
Senior Director Event Sponsorship Sales Renau Daniels
Multimedia Senior Sales Director – Corporate Responsibility Robert Ingram
Multimedia Sales Managers Jack Clark, Fabiola D. Roman
Advertising Production Manager Juan Diaz
Executive Administrator to Multimedia Sales Yvianne Hyacinthe


S.V.P./Finance & MIS Angela Mitchell
V.P./Human Resources & Corporate Operations Natalie M. Hibbert
Chief of Staff, Office of the President & CEO Yolanda Cook

New York Office

260 Madison Ave., New York, New York 10016
212-242-8000 Fax: 212-886-9618

Chicago Office

625 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611
312-664-8667 Fax: 312-988-9770

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