An Open Letter To Washington Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder

An Open Letter To Washington Redskins Owner Daniel Snyder

Everyone has an opinion about whether the NFL team which plays in Washington should change its name. Many have come out in support of the NFL putting pressure on the team to change the name, which critics say is racist. Opponents say the name is not racist, and that it honors those of Native American descent.

The Shadow League’s Ricardo A. Hazell penned an open letter to Mr. Snyder Wednesday.

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Via the Shadow League:

Dear Dan Snyder,

It is common knowledge that you have been facing much criticism for your steadfast refusal to change the name of your NFL franchise, the Washington Redskins. Even prior to your purchase of the franchise in 1999, there were many who criticized the idea of an American professional sports team whose name is synonymous with disrespect and racism.

You were very vocal as recently as several months ago regarding the fact that you feel no change is necessary. Initially, you were bombarded by critics who claimed you were guilty of racism. While I no longer feel that is the case, your most recent action stinks of patronage and, quite frankly, is not a good look. In America, money can change things. You’re a billionaire and thus have a lot of sway because of your considerable bank account.

On Monday, you released a statement regarding your plans to create a foundation to help Native American populations in the United States called the Original Americans Foundation. This endeavor is a clear effort by you to deflect attention from the fact that your franchise’s name is a racial slur to millions.There is absolutely no way to get around that. Similar to the ongoing dialectic regarding the N-word with an “a” or with an “er”, the term redskin, in and of itself, cannot be doctored up or changed. It is what it is.But the contextualization of the argument can be diverted, which is what you are clearly attempting to do. Below is an excerpt from your press release announcing the formation of your new endeavor.

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