An Inaugural Night of Sexual Healing: Honey Pot Debuts New Sexual Wellness Collection

An Inaugural Night of Sexual Healing: Honey Pot Debuts New Sexual Wellness Collection

Six new products?! Honey Pot, please!

BLACK ENTERPRISE was invited to join the incomparable Beatrice Dixon, co-founder and chief innovation officer at The Honey Pot Co., for an inaugural night of sensuality, stimulation, and connection to celebrate the company’s newly launched sexual wellness collection.

At New York City’s Palma, women of all backgrounds, adorned in springtime dresses and enthusiasm, convened where the flowers bloom in the heart of Greenwich Village. From the flowing cocktails to the multi-course meal, we experienced a sensory explosion. And the night endured with vulnerable discourse and laughter.

“Having a vagina ritual is essential,” Dixon said with passion.

While the Italian cuisine satisfied our taste buds, Dixon brought our attention to the beautifully packaged products sprinkled on the dinner table and then tapped in Natasha Camille, founder of Wildest Dreams Therapy, to feed our minds and hearts with education.

Before dinner started, Camille introduced herself as a relationship and sex therapist who accepts that there is power in acknowledging our lineages and reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors. She said she resonated with Dixon’s story behind launching Honey Pot, which essentially began with her ancestor in a dream.

Camille affirmed that we could release cycles of generational and relational trauma and move toward manifesting embodied relationships with ourselves and with others. She connected the dots;  then, the room broke into narratives about self-care, pleasure, and intimacy.

Later, the discussion transformed into an interactive experience. We all bonded with the textures of each product on our fingertips and aromas that incited more personal connections.

Photo Credit: The Honey Pot Co.Take a look at Honey Pot’s newest intimate care arrivals.

Intimate Wipes

Gently cleaning yourself before and after sex can protect men and women from urinary tract infections, as bacteria may ascend the urethra during intercourse. Dixon and Camille both agreed on making it a routine to maintain good sexual hygiene pre- and post-sex.

So, we were pleased to discover that these new pH-balanced intimacy wipes were much larger and thicker than the previous wipes—even Honey Pot’s best-selling wipes can’t compete in that category. Our sense of smell was overloaded with aromas of aloe, chamomile, and oats. Made for vaginas and humans without vaginas, Honey Pot has got you covered for before and after intimacy.

Credit: The Honey Pot Co.

Sensual Stimulating Serum

The serum is formulated for added moisture and a gentle cooling sensation to increase vulvar stimulation and sensitivity. The gentle peppermint, aloe, and vitamin E will give you that Honey Pot tingle you know and love. It is great for solo play and helps promote a pleasurable sexual experience. Just a dime-sized amount will do.

Credit: The Honey Pot Co.

Silicone Hybrid Lubricant

Moisturizing at the touch, Honey Pot’s first-ever hybrid-silicone lube is designed for long-lasting intimacy, backdoor play, and wet environments. While silicone is hypoallergenic, this product is compatible with non-silicone toys and latex and polyisoprene condoms.

Credit: The Honey Pot Co.

Amber Sandalwood Ritual

Additionally, Honey Pot introduced another collection for an earthier you. The Amber Sandalwood foaming wash helps maintain a healthy vaginal Ph range and aims to hydrate your vulva. The wipes can be used for intimate parts, the body, and the face for moisturization. Lastly, the refreshing spray strives for a fresh feel all day, whether it’s your underarms, feet, or shoes.

Credit: The Honey Pot Co.

Hopefully, there will be more dinners and products to come!