14 Responses to 5 Twitter Mistakes You Should Never Make

  1. Pierre Jones says:

    Awesome article, I will definitely put some of these ideas into practice on and offline. Nice to see another young successful person. Ms.Gregg is definitely doing big things.

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  3. Joseph Moore says:

    I’ve just recently started a twitter page and was wondering what type of group should I target in order to draw a bigger audience to my Clotheing line website.

    • Hi Joseph,

      A great place to start is by following other people that are influential (locally, regionally, and nationally) in fashion and culture. Once you find, and engage with them, you can also start reaching out to their followers. That is the quickest way to find your audience. Instead of seeking them out one by one, find where they are already congregating and engage in the conversation.

      Another great way to find your users is by buying ad space on facebook for your fanpage. They have great targeting and it is reasonably priced. Feature your twitter page on the facebook page as well as any other social media properties you may have.

      Last of all, make sure that you promote your twitter account on ANY printed material you have. Old school advertising is still great for gaining social traction.

      Much luck on your line!
      Muhammad Yasin

  4. Stephanie Kennard says:

    I’ve been a follower of Gabi since 2009. Her blog is great, love her fashion sense and think she has the coolest job ever at MTV. Best of luck to her and these tips are great. Thanks.

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  12. Awesome article much to learn from.

  13. Trisha says:

    This was an excellent and informative article and helped me to learn more about social media and engaging an audience.

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