8 Days to Action: DAY 5, Finding Your Lane to Position Yourself

How to tap into self-fulfillment and use your gift for profit

We challenge you, in this eight-day series, to get in the driver’s seat of your life so that you can direct it where you want to go. Based on The 8 Cylinders of Success,™ this series will help you discover ways to align those cylinders and thus create the most powerful vehicle possible from your life. The more cylinders you are able to align, the more powerful your personal movement.

DAY FIVE: Positioning = Your Lane

Positioning is the lane in life where your personal velocity is the highest and where you’re willing to be a pioneer and lead. In physics, velocity is defined as distance over time (i.e. car speed is measured in miles per hour). Your velocities vary based on the different types of roads you choose to take, so the quest is to find the road where your personal velocity can be at its highest. A Hummer won’t beat a Ferrari on an open road, but it will beat a Ferrari on a safari. Like these specialty vehicles, you are specifically built for a particular path that matches your build in character and skills and you must find or create the route that is best for you.

In the same way that we pay a premium for airplanes, trains and cars according to the velocities in which they can condense physical spaces for passengers, other people (such as customers, clients) and organizations (like employers) will pay you for getting them from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to go) financially, organizationally, spiritually, mentally etc. If you are able to powerfully close space between two events for yourself, another person, or another entity, you will create value, which you can store for later use as money. Airplanes use the sky. Trains use tracks. Cars use roads.

Your positioning is your declaration to become so great at something that your weaknesses pale in comparison to your strengths. The combination of your principles, passions, problems, and people uniquely position you to master some skill or subject matter. Positioning is not about being #1 in the world or a competition. It is a commitment to being the best version of YOU that you can be and being YOUR best at whatever it is you choose to do. You will only be in the express lane of life once you’re fully expressed, for your purpose is the highest form of self-expression there is.

Activity: Complete this statement: “If I was going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for something, I would want to be in for…”

Example: … mastering the art of helping people discover their purpose which also involves other skills such as creating safe spaces, insightful questioning and deep listening.

DAY ONE: Principles = Your Dashboard

DAY TWO: Passion = Your Keys

DAY THREE: Problems = Your Fuel

DAY FOUR: People = Your Motor

DAY SIX: Pioneers = Your Direction

DAY SEVEN: Picture = Your Road Map

Jullien “Purpose Finder” Gordon is founder of The Department of Motivated Vehicles, a personal and professional development company that specializes in motivating individuals, employees and teams. In addition to The 8 Cylinders of Success featured in this series, he has written four books on career advancement, goal-setting and procrastination, and maximizing college. He serves as consultant and speaker to companies, colleges and other organizations across the nation.

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  11. ken says:

    I just wanted to say that I seriously enjoyed this post! I know it dates back to 2011 but seriously solid stuff! I actually googled ‘finding your lane’ because of something i was working on for my own blog and wanted to say you should seriously repackage and repost this! Really good material! Thanks

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