High-Stakes Job Interview: 3 Smart Steps to Prep

(Image: Thinkstock)

(Image: Thinkstock)

Setting out on your strategy to even land an interview is frustrating enough, but once you actually get your foot in the door for the interview, things can become a nerve-wracking ordeal.

Jean Baur, career expert and author of The Essential Job Interview Handbook offers offers a few tips to put your nerves as ease, via Brazen Careerist:

Study and expect the unexpected.

  • Research the organization or company carefully and go beyond what you find on their website, Baur writes.
  • Create a chart or map listing requirements on one side, and key words to remind yourself of how you match them on the other.
  • Add your list of questions for the interviewer at the bottom of your map. You never want to miss an opportunity to ask questions, Baur adds. It’s a key tactic to prove you’re interested in a company. (And bring this map with you to the interview — it’s fine to have a “cheat sheet.”)