• Desiree

    You said aids can affect anyone at anytime, but that’s not true. You have to put yourself at risk by having unprotected sex with an infected person or share needles or get a blood transfusion with infected blood.  It’s not like the common cold.

  • Keianna

    Common Desire…you know what this young lady is saying, it can affect anyone at any age…of course you have to have unprotected sex to get this disease….Duuugggghhhhh! Anyway…I commend this young lady for educating others with up to date information about this deadly disease…

  • Karla

    Desiree, you are wrong. You can be raped or molested and end up with HIV. You can also be born with it from an infected mother. You do not have to “put yourself at risk.” AIDS is not a moral judgment of those who are infected.

    • jawanna

      Karla, Well put! I am HIV positive and waS VICTIM OF ABUSE! I am tired of all these people running around here like we r nasty drug addicts or some type of slut!! people need to realize you can get this Disease for loving someone!!

  • Montell

    I agree. HIV/AIDS is not a moral judgement. HIV/AIDS is similar to cancer in the sense that smoking cigarettes immediately puts you at risk for cancer.I agree with Karla, being a victim of rape, molestation or the recipient of tainted blood, can all put you at risk of HIV/AIDS. People like Desiree should know what they are talking about before making incomplete and inaccurate comments!

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