37. MPS Trading L.L.C.

MPS Trading L.L.C. is the second largest minority-owned scrap metal processing and management company in Michigan. Founded in 2001, the Detroit-based business’ operations are split between five divisions including facility management, environmental services, decommissioning, interior flooring, and industrial services.

The distribution company MPS Logistics L.L.C., and paint finishing systems manufacturer MPS-GK L.L.C., are two of the company’s affiliate businesses.

Revenues for the company totaled $118 million – up 16% from the previous year.

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  2. Art Connelly says:

    I had an opportunity to work with Mr. Rickman around 2001 thru 2005, He was the foremost businessman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Rickman was always available when I would call and he always knew what was happening with his company at alol times. He was probably one of the most astute businessmen I worked with during my 42+ years at General Motors. It’s good to read that he has moved forward and has continued to break new ground.

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