WATCH: 50 Cent Talks New Headphones & Potential Maybach Deal

The music mogul expands into the wireless headphone market with innovative Kleer technology

Jackson at CES for Sleek announcement

Between announcements of new 3D televisions, tablet PCs, and do-it-all smartphones, one of the standout media announcements at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show was a new brand of headphones, called Sleek by 50 Cent.

Sleek was one of a handful of high performance, celebrity headphones introduced last week that took social media and the blogs by storm.

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Sleek will retail at $350 and has Kleer technology, which claims to provide nearly flawless wireless audio that is supposedly superior to Bluetooth audio. The battery life of these professional grade headphones can last 15-20 hours from a single charge using an iPhone cable.

Entertainer/entrepreneur and Black Enterprise cover subject Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the product’s namesake and a top investor in Sleek Audio, visited CES last week to unveil his newest financial and creative endeavor and to explain why he believes Sleek outperforms the competition.

Sleek by 50 Cent

“I went through a process before I met with Jason and Mark Krywko, sitting with different companies that were developing products and I had to sort through them to figure out who would be able to develop the best product for me to present to the public,” says Jackson. “They presented something that didn’t actually exist in the marketplace.”

Jackson chose Sleek Audio, because of their 30-plus year history making hearing aids and custom fitted, in-ear headphones for athletes. He decided not to create bass heavy headphones because he wanted a product that would have mass appeal. Nevertheless, the headphones are equipped with a bass boost button for listeners who want to amp up the sound.

“50 has been a part of the design process since day one,” says Jason Krywko, chief operating officer of Sleek Audio. “For over eight months he has been in the lab. We have been working nonstop designing. Everything from how he wanted it to sound… to the actual look, and the type of carbon fiber, where the aluminum was, where the plastics were. Everything was completely done by him.”

I spoke with Jackson at CES, and he broke down his business reasons for choosing Sleek Audio. Watch the video below for more of his insights.


12 Responses to WATCH: 50 Cent Talks New Headphones & Potential Maybach Deal

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  2. Chapson says:

    50cent is a smart young man. The headphones looks good and i will definitely buy one if they happen to be distributed in Africa. All the best Fiddy.

  3. Shawn Coleman says:

    I really like the design of the headphones and the fact that they are wireless is a great idea but the price is kinda high so i dont think alot of people are going to buy them for that much money considering how rough times are these days but if he at least cut the price down by half he would most likely make a very nice profit off them

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  10. Shelley says:

    Wow! He did his homework. I especially liked the part where he explains the reason why he invested in this particular venture. His subtle marketing skills are on point. Making you want to learn more about the product without explicitly telling you to. Good job, Curtis.

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