Man Shoots Himself, Family Over Obama Re-Election

Man commits suicide over financial fears

From the Grio.

A Virginia man, who killed himself, his wife and his two children allegedly was paranoid over the possible election of President Barack Obama. The man, Albert Peterson, 57, shot himself and his family hours after going to church, according to reports.

Peterson reportedly had a history of mental illness. Friends said he was under pressure at his job with a defense contractor, fearing that cuts in defense spending would cost him his job. Defense cuts are on the horizon in Washington, as Democratic and Republican members of Congress failed to make a deal, causing a political stalemate on spending and deficit reduction.

The bodies of Peterson, his wife, 52, and sons, who were 16 and 13, were discovered Tuesday inside their Virginia home.

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5 Responses to Man Shoots Himself, Family Over Obama Re-Election

  1. Athena Wilson says:

    Is their nothing people would blame this President for. this man kill his whole family, really people, this is a false story, why did he not blame the GOP for not dealing with the President about higher taxes for the Rich. I will pray for his family soul. This man had mental issue clearly.

    • tehdpr says:

      Yeah, the article clearly states that the man reportedly had a history of mental illness… nobody is blaming the President for anything here, afaict.

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