[PERSPECTIVES]: Bill Cosby: Innocent or Guilty?

Allegations have been part of public record for almost 20 years

(Image: TheShadowLeague.com)
(Image: TheShadowLeague.com)

The following is a feature by The Shadow League’s Ricardo A. Hazell:

To be certain, the court of public opinion is a monstrous way to be persecuted or prosecuted. The court of public opinion is a ferocious arena in which facts are often ignored and personal beliefs reign supreme. The catalyst for a mob mentality is as varied as there are humans to imagine them. One of the frustrating things about trying to be an objective person who takes up the cause of rational thought and critical thinking is the manner in which being human means we rarely can agree to disagree.

It is to that end that The Shadow League wades into the deep crater that has resulted from renewed claims that our former favorite television Dad and family friendly comedian Bill Cosby is being called a serial rapist. The very idea is troubling to some, and to this writer, borders on depressing.

Once the pinnacle of celebrity and philanthropy, Bill Cosby’s name might as well be mud today. There are reports that the Cos allegedly drugged multiple women and sexually violated them for over 40 years. The very idea is mind-numbing. To think that one of America’s favorite people may have been behaving like an unchecked predator for decades is indeed sobering and alarming. But that’s exactly what many are alleging has occurred.

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8 Responses to [PERSPECTIVES]: Bill Cosby: Innocent or Guilty?

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  2. CyPontuo says:

    Not sure why over and over our society seems always shocked when professionals , i mean the best in their trade, are accused of being sinful, perverted creatures . Yet the trade that made them known is ACTING. “People they are ACTORS” , why would you think you really know them in the personal life? Even the tabloids are entertainment to keep them rich or in the public spotlight , sometimes its even better to be accused or have a half true story about you and make a living rather than people thinking that nothing is going on in your life, out of sight out of mind can be bad for an artist who once ruled the spotlight with fame and public adoration.
    Depression as well as drug addictions and overdose, these are all “shocked face” stories because you bought into the mask product they are famous for . And thats the gimmick , the show is about creating an illusion so to speak. Sort of to trick the audience and manipulate there emotions. ITs entertainment basically , not saying its evil but all systems have evil or corruption in them, all humans battle the sinful nature versus The Truth, if one is saved and rescued by the One and Only Lord God our Creator and Father , the One of truth, well then they may have the Holy Spirit , and this will forgive and make one righteous . And that love of heaven can perhaps offer a battle against the flesh. All else is a mask, Pharisees we all can be, we should not be shocked by artificial kindness and love and in an age of TV we are truly at risk more in this day and age. Vulnerable to this kind of deception. It is a gift and used wisely it is a good one to a certain degree, but never think you really know someone. I hope this is a false allegation I met Bill once in elementary school , we all wanted him to do the fat albert laugh and hey hey hey, he seemed like a nice person, but he is an actor, plain and simple. Thats his job, he got paid a lot to make people laugh and put on a show.

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  8. Jerilyn says:

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