The Midterm Elections: Candidate Terri Sewell

A review of Black candidates running for office in the Nov. 2nd elections

To help you be informed and prepared when you go to cast your vote on Tuesday, November 2nd,┬á will highlight important races with African-American candidates across the country. During the next week until Election Day, we’ll┬átell you where the candidates┬ástand, why the race matters, who their opponent is, what the key issues are and their chances of winning. Be sure to check in every day.

Candidate: Terri A. Sewell

Office: U.S. House of Representatives, Alabama, District 7

Opponent: Republican candidate Don Chamberlin

Why the race matters: If elected, the Ivy League-trained attorney will be the first African American woman to represent Alabama in Congress
Constituency: Black majority district, largely urban

Financing: $1,180,977 as of June 30, 2010. Chamberlin has not received enough campaign donations to warrant a report.

Key issues: Job creation for the district, education, infrastructure improvements, and rural healthcare

Political support: President Barack Obama, EMILYÔÇÖs list, outgoing Rep. Artur Davis, Birmingham News

Chances of winning: Sewell is predicted to win the election handily

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