Millennial Seeks To Boost Local Economy Through Blogging

Black bloggers to convene on nation’s capitol to explore business opportunities

The Business of Mommy Blogging

Over the last 5 years, blogging has quickly become a multi-million dollar empire that has provided writers with access to both income and notoriety, notes Jessica Ann Mitchell, a 29-year-old Washington, DC-based writer. Mitchell is working towards boosting the DC economy and providing economic opportunities with the grassroots unconference called BloggerWeek.

Blogger Week is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens hosted by Black Bloggers Connect. For the second year in a row, Blogger Week, April 27 – May 2, will feature four days of online festivities and three days of in-person events including: Twitter parties, Google Hangouts, and networking events.

Blogger Week also will feature a series of workshops and sessions training bloggers in the DC metro area on how to drive blog traffic, build a social media following, use blogging for entrepreneurship and most importantly become financially independent.

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Mitchell has worked with TVOne, Lexus, and Lions Gate Entertainment through the group called Black Bloggers Connect, which she also founded. Her writings on African American culture have been featured on the Huffington Post, MSNBC, and Business Insider.

“I’m excited for what’s in store. Blogging can make a huge impact on so many lives, especially in terms of financial independence and social change,” says Mitchell.  She adds that Blogger Week’s key focus in elevating multicultural communities and providing access to marginalized voices in the blogosphere.

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  2. Troy Johnson says:

    Man, it is good to see Carolyn M. Brown and BE cover this event! There are simply not many platforms (online or off), willing to bring attention to this event and the activities of so many Bloggers. In fact, after reading this article I decided to create a database of Black Bloggers, and in the process I discovered quite a few great ones. I think you will too:

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